Summer Bodies Start In Winter: 6 Tips To Get You Started

Tiffiny Hall is back to share her tips on how to make winter the ultimate workout season.

The secret to a summer body is starting in winter. Healthy weight loss and long term results don’t happen overnight or in a week.

So, give yourself a head start and try these six tips to help you achieve the ultimate summer body by making winter your time to shine. Here’s how:

Achieve the summer body you’ve always dreamed of with Tiffiny Hall’s fitness tips.

 Find a BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever).

We all have a BFF, but now it’s time to find a BFFF; a workout wing-person, a fitness buddy, a cheer squad. Working in pairs or teams improves motivation and commitment, and is genuinely a whole lot more fun.

Together you can cheer each other on, push yourselves harder and do exercises which require a team mate, like medicine ball sit ups. You can also carpool so when you hear the honk of the car, there’s no hiding under the covers.

Shrink your workout.

Don’t worry about shrinking your jean size, focus on shrinking your workout duration if you’re struggling to find a time. After all, any exercise is better than no exercise and it doesn’t take that long to get your heart pumping.

Did you know four minutes of exercise is proven to boost your mood and trigger a metabolic response? That’s why I’ve designed five-minute TIFFXO workouts to get us through winter. 

I also believe variety is key to success which makes my 20-second workouts so fun and convenient. Simply pick four of your favourite exercises, set a timer and do each exercise for 20 seconds with a 10-second rest, then repeat. This effective four-minute workout will get your heart rate up and can be done while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.

Make a plan. And set it in concrete!

My Mum always taught me, “Fail to plan, then you will plan to fail.” It may sound silly but it’s true. So, make a plan to show winter who’s boss and set yourself up for success. Use today to contact an expert trainer or join a program – because that’s often the hardest part.

For best long term results you want a program that includes a healthy (and delicious) meal plan, a fun exercise regime and of course mindset training (we have to look after our well-being, too).

I always say to my Ninjas on TIFFXO, don’t even worry about it, just leave all the planning to me. This way getting fit and healthy doesn’t feel like a chore and you can concentrate on all the fun!

 Use your lounge room.

Let’s say it’s raining and it’s too cold to go outside – no worries! You don’t even need to leave the house to get fit. Set your alarm 20 minutes early and do a mini workout at home. You can do push ups, sit ups, squats and lunges. Use a chair or a coffee table for dips, and cans of soup as weights.

The best part is you can do it all in your PJs and play your favourite music. 

I recommend you still try and get active outdoors on those rain-free days; take the dog for an extended walk, do some stretching in the park and enjoy the fresh air and Vitamin D.

It may be the middle of winter but we are dreaming of summer already.

Reward yourself.

It’s so important to reward yourself after a cold rainy week of working out. But we’re probably used to food rewards which can undo all our hard work. Try a well-being or beauty reward instead such as a facial, a movie night with a girlfriend, a scented bath by candle light or a manicure – my Ninjas at TIFFXO love painting their nails.

Try something completely new.

Use winter to discover and try something brand new. And don’t let the winter rut stop you. You’ll feel so happy and proud of your efforts if you started your transformation before summer arrives, trust me.

If you love running but it’s too wet, try HiiT training. If you’re a swimmer but it’s too cold for a dip, why not try a martial art? Or if you’re just a bit over the gym, you can suspend your membership and try an online training program like mine;

Tiffiny Hall

Tiffiny Hall is the founder of, an author, expert trainer, journalist and television personality, best known for her role as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, which earned her a Logie nomination for Most Popular New Female Talent.  Currently the resident Health Expert on Channel Ten’s program The Living Room, Tiffiny Hall is one of the highest qualified female martial artists in the world for her age. She is a Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor, a qualified personal trainer with a Diploma of Sports Coaching, specialising in martial arts. Tiff is passionate about creative writing and has published four novels with her next Young Adult novel set for release in 2018. She has written four health books and a cookbook.

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