How To Train for City2Surf

Who doesn’t love a fun run? The City2Surf is Sydney’s best.

When it comes to training for City2Surf, preparation is so important.

By Raquel Holgado, Personal Trainer and Australian Athletics Coach – originally from Spain, now living in Sydney, Australia.

Spanish-born PT Raquel Holgado is running (no pun intended) a 4-week training program for Sydney’s City2Surf on August 13.

Here she shares her 5 tips on how to prepare for the ultimate fun run – and achieve your best results:

Forget about procrastinating

Be consistent and begin training early. Try to complete a distance of 8, 10 or 12km at least 2 or 3 times per week, 4 or 5 weeks prior to the event. This will ensure you will have adapted your muscles, body and mind to the endurance needed to complete City2Surf.

Suss out the course

Go and familiarise yourself with the location of the fun run (Double Bay, Rose Bay, Dover Heights and Bondi), so you’re at an advantage on the day of City2Surf. Make sure you train a couple of times on the designated course, too.

Challenge yourself

Include a few hill sessions in your workout routine, as they will give you more power and endurance.

To train on hills:

  • Use your arms, as they will help you scale the hills.
  • Move your upper body a little bit forward while going up to balance out the elevation.
  • Lift your knees a bit higher to maximise your movement.

Step it up

Go for a combination of hill and step workouts. In moderation, these will improve your speed and your strength for City2Surf.

Don’t neglect that booty

Imagine how hardworking your glutes are when you run hills or simply run, period. So try to do some leg and glute workouts as part of your training and don’t shy away from squats and lunges.


For more information on Raquel’s training program, head to:

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