A new way to be hair-free, without wax

The Pharo salon sugaring system will change the way you wax your body.

Manuka Hero
Pharo sugaring is made from all natural ingredients

Sugaring hair removal, dates back to the 21st century when it was traditionally made by boiling sugar, lemon, water, salt and essential oils to make a paste and rolled into a ball to remove the hair of ancient Egyptians. Similarly to traditional waxing, it’s made to remove the hair follicle from the root with results that can last up to six weeks.

Pharo sugaring encompasses this method of hair removal and is relatively new to Australia.  It is made in New Zealand from all natural ingredients including Manuka honey, aloe vera, kiwifruit and lemon. Pharo have developed a new revitalised range of sugaring products that reign over traditional wax products.

Pharo sugaring is performed similarly to traditional wax methods. A warm thick sugar liquid is applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth and removed in the opposite direction with a cloth or muslin strip. It smells of delicious sweet honey and best of all, pain and skin irritation is significantly reduced as sugar doesn’t stick to the skin as much as wax.

Pharo Sugaring
Pharo sugaring is used similarly to traditional wax methods

Using no chemicals, Pharo sugaring is eco-friendly. Applied warm rather than hot, Pharo products will not cause burning and unlike traditional wax, wont remove a natural tan. The products can be cleaned up with water and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, free of any irritation or redness.

Tried and tested by Bondi Beauty at Maya Medispa , Pharo sugaring products stand up to their claims of being significantly less painful than waxing methods and 4 weeks on, legs are still soft and hair free. 



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