New Study Shows Wearing Makeup Can Actually Make You Smarter

Do you carry more lipsticks than pens in your bag?  Well, according to a study published in Cogent Psychology, researchers found wearing makeup may enhance your academic performance.

Any excuse to wear makeup really.

The experiment included 186 female undergraduate students. Half were asked to rock up with makeup, while the rest were asked to rock up sans makeup.

The students were split into three groups –with one group wearing makeup, another group listening to happy music and the third group colouring a picture. The students were then asked to take on a stimulated university exam.

It was found that the group of girls wearing makeup performed much better than those without.

The research known as the “lipstick effect” reveals that the students who wore makeup outperformed both of the other groups.

The researchers then asked the participants to do a self-report on how beautiful they felt. The participants wearing makeup reported a higher perception of beauty than any of the other participants.

As a result, the study concluded that the immediate effect of wearing makeup leads to a higher sense of self-esteem which could lead to positive effects on one’s cognitive performance.

While a swipe of lipstick and a coat of mascara may not automatically lead to high marks, it does give you enough confidence to take on that exam.

So next time you feel guilty for blowing off your latest paycheck on a brand new lipstick or eye shadow, remember that you’re doing it for the sake of your academic performance.


Marielle Punzal


Marielle is a lover of all things fashion and beauty, and is usually seen with a coffee in one hand and makeup swatches in the other.

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