A Candle That Smells Like Banana Bread? Yum.



Winter is a time to snuggle up, take time out and surround yourself with the sweet fragrances of candles.

Here are our top 5 finds for candles this winter:

Kora Soy Handmade Candles: Peach and Myrtle $24

Scented with juicy passionfruit, winter raspberries, soothing lemon myrtle, jasmine, and a hint of poached peach, this candle reminds us of warm fruity oats and spiced tea. It’s literally an explosion of winter fruits and spices when burned will make the home smell comforting and warm. www.koracandles.com.au

Outcrop Australia Soy Candles: Café Banana Bread $32.95

A candle that smells like banana bread – we’ll take 10. Outcrop candles are hand-poured in Australia and made with 100% Australian ingredients. This candle smells so delicious, you will think you are sitting in your favourite café, sipping delicious coffee, whilst enjoying freshly baked banana bread – and you won’t put on any weight. www.outcropaustralia.com.au

Concrete Benchtops Candles: No. 1 Lavender $49.95

Lavender is relaxing all year around. And in winter especially, there is nothing more soothing then the gentle fragrance of this lavender candle as it drifts throughout the house. Made with pure vegetable and soy wax and filled with 100% lavender essential oils, this candle will instantly calm you on a cold winter’s evening, whilst relaxing you with your favourite book. www.concretebenchtops.com

Ecoya Soy Candles: Sweet Strawberry & Blackberry Leaf $39.95

This is a limited soy wax candle by Ecoya and is made with a delicious range of winter fruits and flowers. Sweet strawberry, red apple and blackberry leaf have been combined beautifully with sugared violets, peony petals and pink jasmine and topped with a subtle hint of woody sandalwood and soft vanilla. Just divine. www.ecoya.com

Voluspa Candles: Japanese Plum Bloom $20

Inspired by the beauty of Japanese paper making, this candle is absolutely mesmerizing in both scent and packaging. Well known for their stunning vessels, Voluspa has created a truly beautiful design with this candle. Made with plum bloom petals and leaves, plum fruit and crushed currents, the scent is uplifting and will make your house smell like freshly baked plum pie. www.voluspa.com

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