Ten Beauty Trends in ten seconds.

Does your beauty routine need a boost? Here are ten beauty trends set to rock 2014.

Emma Stone with on-trend orange lips and straight hair.


1. Orange Lips

Bold, statement lips are always on trend, but the classic red lipstick is moving aside for another vibrant colour taking over. Orange lipstick is a bright and summery choice, that works by day and by night.  Jessica Alba and Emma Stone already rock the trend, and orange suits most skin tones, but like red lips,  it’s a matter of choosing the right shade for you. Warm skin tones should go for yellow-based oranges and those with cooler skin tones can opt for oranges with a red/coral base.

2. Vampire Facials

We’re not sure about this one, but this latest treatment shows the lengths some are willing to go to for beauty. Vampire facials, formally known as Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Rejuvenation, have caused a buzz after Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself sporting a bloodied face on Instagram. The procedure involves drawing blood from the patient’s arm, where the plasma and platelets are separated out, then re-injected into the patients face. Vampire facials reportedly rebuild collagen and smooth skin, helping fight the signs of ageing. Costing around $550-1000 each appointment, we hope it works.

 3. Straight hair

Bouncy curls and bedroom hair is out, sleek and straight is the winner for 2014. Dead straight hair can be achieved with straighteners and for best results, used with a smoothing oil or treatment.

4. Matte Nails

Skip the glossy topcoat, matte nails are the trend for your fingers this year. Matte nail polishes are now available in most brands and look great in darker colours such as black and navy or natural tones.

5. Long lashes

Long, luscious eyelashes will always be beautiful and now there’s something to help those that aren’t naturally blessed with sky-high lashes. Various eyelash growth serums are now available on the market claiming to help lengthen and thicken your natural lashes. Most serums are applied once a day to your top lash line and results are promised in 4-6 weeks.

The other option are long lasting eye lash extensions, see our previous story all about them here: http://bondibeauty.com.au/bondi-beauty-202/bondi-beauty-202/?s=lashes

6. Cat eyeliner

Winged, cat eyes will be a big makeup look this year with designers including as Marc Jacobs and Chloe featuring them in their runway shows this season.  This look can be achieved quickly and easily with black liquid eyeliner. Starting from your inner eye, draw outwards, gradually making the eyeliner thicker as you reach the end corner of your eye. To keep your line sharp, clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud and eye makeup remover.

Cat eyeliner

7. Fat Freezing

Lose fat without stepping foot in the gym? Sounds too good to be true, but with a heavy wallet handy, the latest fat freezing treatments promise to melt excess fat away.The procedure works by heating then cooling the target fat area, causing fat cells to crystalise and fatty deposits to be destroyed.Treatments take around 60 minutes, but don’t come cheap costing up to $1000 per appointment.

8. Bold brows

Bold and dark are the trend for eyebrows this year, with supermodel Cara Delevingne and actress Lily Collins being looked to for brow inspiration worldwide. Gone is the rule of matching brows to your natural hair colour, the darker the better. Thin shaped eyebrows are out, now it’s all about embracing your brows natural fullness.

9. Organic beauty products

Miranda Kerr swears by only using natural and organic beauty products in her regime, and she’s not alone.  Organic products are chemical free and produced using natural ingredients, which offer higher benefits for your skin and more suited for those with sensitive skin. An organic choice is also friendlier for animals, with most organic beauty products not being tested on animals.

10. Dewy foundation

Youthful, soft  skin  can be achieved with a dewy foundation. Choosing something lightweight with light reflecting pigments delivers that fresh, glowing look. Reducing the amount of powder you use also keeps your foundation looking dewy and not matte.










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