Beauty: 5 Tips for Longer Stronger Nails

Here are 5 Fab tips to help you grow a longer, stronger set of nails that will put falsies to shame.

Sick of nails that constantly chip or break, then take weeks to grow back? It’s the worst. But don’t stress, these 5 tips will get your nails looking strong and shiny in no time.



Cuticles and nails aren’t the first places that come to mind when it comes to moisturisation, but it can make a huge difference for your nail health.

There are a bunch of great oils and lotions on the market that prevent dryness and encourage strong and shiny nails.

The Bondi Beauty team loves using natural oils like sunflower, jojoba or coconut oil.



Nail soaks are a relaxing and quick way to clean and strengthen your nails.

Dipping your fingers in a bowl of lemon juice, olive oil or fresh orange juice for about 10 minutes will make an immediate difference to the strength and shine-factor of your nails.



Like every other aspect of health and beauty – there is no topical treatment that will cure your nails if you’re not fuelling your body with vitamins and nutrients.

The best foods for promoting nail strength and growth are those rich in biotin and vitamin d (e.g. eggs, nuts and salmon), copper (found most in leafy greens like kale and spinach) and zinc (found in shellfish and legumes).



You already know if you belong in the category of people that doesn’t always act in their nails’ best interest (I’m looking at your, nail-biters).

If you’re constantly scratching off your nail polish instead of using a proper remover, or if you’re a serial acrylic/gel addict, every once in a while you’ve gotta give those claws a break and let them rejuvenate and breathe naturally.



Buffing your nails makes them instantly smoother and shinier, and is a great way to remove ridges and get rid of dull, dead cells (kind of like exfoliating your skin).

However, buffing your nails more than once a week can make them thin and brittle, so don’t go overboard.


Sarah Carroll

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