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A tan is a summer essential, and self-tan is a booming industry in Australia. It’s easier, safer, and more reliable than the sun any day of the week.

But there’s not much worse than a bad self-tan. So which tan is best? We road tested a few of the latest to bring you five we love:

1)   St Tropez gradual tan plus firming.St Tropez know how to tan skin. From their in-salon products to their at-home kits, everything works, and there’s no risk of tandoori style cringe skin.

If it’s good enough for Kate Moss, it’s ok for us too! This new product does it all – tans, tones, and moisturises gradually, so used every day, it keeps you glowing, but isn’t over the top. RRP: $33.00

St Tropez’s amazing new gradual tan product tones and moisturises all at the same time.

BB Rating: 8/10

2)   Pure Tan Light/Medium instant tanning foam: The fact this product is Australian gives it a big tick, but the truth is, it’s seriously good, dries within an hour, last well when applied properly (a good four days) and is well priced.

Used with a mitt, it spreads evenly, and quickly, and the light/medium colour is  natural and not too full-on. Smells fine. RRP:$34.95 Pro-Tan self application mitt: RRP$11.95

BB Rating: 8.5/10

3)   Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe: This product is luxurious to use as it has a thick, creamy texture and glides on, has a great colour from the get-go, and smells great. No fake tan smell at all. It lasts, gives great coverage and is ok when used on the face too. An example of getting what you pay for. RRP$73.00

Xen Tan’s Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe has a great chocolate colour, and stays fast for days.

BB Rating: 9/10

4)   ModelCo Tan Airbrush In A Can: Everyone needs a can of instant spray tan handy in summer. It is the perfect last minute fix if you spot a bruise, white patch or just need an instant lift.

This spray tan from ModelCo goes on well, but the trick is not to hold it too close, as the blue/green base means it can become too dark, and you may end up with splotches which you then need to even out with your hand or a mitt. We still rate it though, as it dries fast and lasts. RRP:$38 (200g)

BB Rating: 7.5/10

5) Sunescape is a foam that comes out  dark initially, ensuring you don’t miss any spots, but dries a lovely chocolate brown. No tandoori orange tones here. The fragrance is as fresh as a coconut on a summer holiday. Fresh, clean and uplifting.  It sets within minutes – maybe three, and doesn’t run off onto clothes. We’re sold. RRP $39.95

Bondi born Sunescape smells like a tropical holiday – bliss.

BB Rating: 9/10

6) Something New & Fun: ModelCo Dry Touch 50+ bronzing moisturiser for body has everyone in the industry talking. It does just about everything from one hot pink tube.

It offers the highest level of sunscreen protection from both UVA and UVB rays, and gives your skin a soft glow, perfect for your first few outings to the beach or during heavy workouts.

Best to pop it on 20 minutes before exercise and re-apply. Only problem is this product washes off, and we found flawless application challenging.However stunning ModelCo ambassador Rosie Huntington Whiteley rates it, and she always looks flawless. $29.95

BB Rating: 5/10

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