The Beauty Trend That’s Mandatory During Lockdown

Skin feeling lack lustre, dry and dead? These exfoliators, tried and tested by us, are a saving grace.

*First published May 2021, and re-published July 2021 for the Sydney lockdown.

With lockdown now our reality, more and more people are staying indoors away from the sun. So dry and dead skin is inevitable.

If you’re going to adopt any beauty trend while in lockdown – make it exfoliating.

Commonly used to prep the skin for a tan, exfoliators use abrasive materials to buff away dead skin cells, leaving a bright, smooth surface.

Not doing so can result in dry and flaky patches of skin, as well as clogged pores, which are not your friend.

In addition, regular exfoliation can help increase collagen production, according to Healthline. This can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and sagging, ala a complexion that looks fresh and youthful.

Bondi Beauty trialled and tested a range of different exfoliators for any budget. The best part is they are all available online for easy access during these isolating and locked down times.

Palmer’s Micro Fine Exfoliating Facial Scrub, RRP $9.99

Ideal for: All skin types, including sensitive skin

Type of exfoliant: Natural

Palmers Facial Exfoliator
Leaves skin feeling soft and fresh, but also smelling delectable.

Known for their tried and tested Cocoa Butter formula, cult-favourite Palmers doesn’t disappoint with this exfoliating facial scrub.

With a facial exfoliator, it’s important the product is not too harsh or abrasive. This exfoliator has a micro fine granular texture, using natural exfoliants of milk products, crushed walnut shells and cocoa powder.

The effect is just right – not too little that you can’t feel the scrubbing, but just enough that you know the product is working to buff away dead skin.

My skin felt visibly smooth, and my complexion looked brightened.

The best part was that after exfoliating, I found my usual moisturiser and serum absorbed so much better than my normal skin routine, sans an exfoliator.

There was also the beautiful scent of coconut and cocoa that lingered throughout the day on my skin, a subtle reminder to myself of my little TLC regime earlier in the morning.

Beaute Pacifique Exfoliating Body Scrub, RRP $68

Ideal for: sensitive skin

Type of exfoliant: microscopic pearls

From Danish brand Beauté Pacifique comes a gentle exfoliating scrub ideal for creating a youthful, soft glow.

Beaute Pacificque Exfoliator
Ideal for sensitive skin

With a subtle clean fragrance that isn’t irritating or overpowering, this exfoliator uses round pearls to scrub away dead skin cells.

These round, microscopic pearls are a perfect exfoliating ingredient for sensitive skin as the abrasion does not harm live cells, nor does it feel harsh on the skin.

Additionally, this product has intense soothing properties, feeling cool and calm on the skin. This is from the inclusion of liquorice root extract, which is known to help heal wounds and reduce irritation for people with sensitive skin.

Designer Brands Kind Renewing Body Scrub, RRP$14.99

Ideal for: Any skin types

Type of exfoliant: Natural walnut shell

Known for their affordable yet quality products, Designer Brands brings it home with this renewing body scrub.

Designer brands exfoliator
This gel-like exfoliator blends seamlessly into the skin for a hydrated, soft finish.

The gel-like texture of this exfoliator makes it a dream to apply, the product seamlessly blending into the skin while working to buff away dead skin and impurities.

As a result, my skin felt smooth and moisturized, hit with a boost of hydration from the inclusion of aloe Vera and shea butter.

Native Australian botanical extracts such as Inca berries, Kakadu plum, nettle and Davidson plum, also provide a potent hit of antioxidants and vitamins to leave skin feeling its best.

The smell is delectable, too, with notes of floral peonies and sweet apple transcending onto the skin.

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