The Ultimate Soft-Skin Routine In Your 20’s For Under $20 (One is Just $7.39)



If you suffer from dry, itchy skin every Winter, try these Bondi Beauty top picks for body moisturisers that are guaranteed to give you the velvety, smooth skin you have always desired.

Winter can be the worst time of year if you are prone to having dry skin on a daily basis.

Luckily, there are a ton of products in the market that cater to dry skin types that help achieve smooth, supple skin all throughout the year.

The Bondi Beauty team have picked their four fave super-moisturising lotions that have protected and transformed dry Winter skin.

For Softening The Skin

Jergens Oil-Infused Softening Vanilla (496mL)

RRP: $11.99

Jergens Oil-Infused Softening Vanilla

“Skin immediately feels transformed”

Giving instant results of visibly softer skin, this 24-hour moisturiser uses a nurturing mineral oil blend to lock in long-lasting hydration for dry skin types.

The bottle is tall and sleek with an easy-to-use pump dispenser.

The cream itself is lightweight and pearly in texture.

Its works fast to absorb into the skin fully and leaves a slightly shimmery yet hydrating glow.

After applying this moisturiser, the skin immediately feels transformed from being dull and dry to silky smooth and radiant. 

The formula is infused with vanilla essence, leaving the skin with a beautifully sweet aroma that is not at all overpowering, but instead enhances the already soothing experience of rubbing in the product.

For Skin-Nourishment

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion (250mL)

RRP: $7.39

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion

“This product is a miracle-worker for extremely dry skin”

Using a gorgeously-rich blend of moisturising agents including, coconut oil, vitamin E, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, coconut milk, coconut water and Tahitian Monoi oil, this product is a miracle-worker for extremely dry skin.

The packaging is travel-friendly as it has a lid-closure feature.

With a 24-hour-lasting formula, the thick-textured product has a watery-base which is activated when rubbed into the skin.

This lotion carries a tropical coconut and monoi scent and is soothing to apply, leaving the skin looking healthy and feeling nourished.

For Calming The Skin

Oil Garden Tranquil And Calm Body Lotion (500mL)

RRP: $16.99

Oil Garden Tranquil And Calm Body Lotion

“Skin feels not only rejuvenated but hydrated”

This product uses powerfully-aromatic ingredients such as eucalyptus, peppermint and copaiba pure essential oils to create a relaxing moisturising experience.

This lotion comes in a medium-sized, dark green recyclable bottle with a pump applicator.

When applying this moisturiser, the distinct scent of eucalyptus helps to calm the mind and body.

The formula itself is lightweight in consistency and has a cooling effect when rubbed and absorbed into the skin.

After application the skin feels not only rejuvenated but hydrated from the ultra-nourishing properties of the lotion such as aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter.

For Skin Regeneration

Milk Revitalising Body Lotion (375mL)

RRP: $19.95

Milk Revitalising Body Lotion

“As invigorating as it is hydrating”

For a lotion that is as invigorating as it is hydrating, this product uses unique ingredients such as black pepper, avocado oil and caffeine to stimulate blood flow and bring life back into dull-looking skin.

It comes in a medium-sized rectangular shaped bottle with a lilac coloured lid feature, which allows the product to be travel-friendly.

The cream is milky in texture and must be massaged into the skin for a short while in order to be fully absorbed much like a sorbolene.

It has a light, uplifting scent and leaves the skin feeling sensationally soft and revitalised after application.

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