How To Prep Your Peach For Summer

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The suns up and beach days are in full swing. Whilst baring your booty can be a daunting thought, do not panic.

In reality, there should be nothing scary about wearing a bikini at the beach. However, we do acknowledge that it is totally okay to want to feel more confident in your own skin.

Here are a few things to help to get your best beach booty for summer.

Booty Exercises

This seems simple, but really it is very effective. There are so many exercises you can do to specifically target your booty.

Completing a quick ten minute routine everyday can do wonders to tone up the bum right before summer.

If you want to amp it up, try using a resistance band to provide extra activation to those booty muscles.

Anti Cellulite Mask

The Hot & Spicy Anti-Cellulite Body Mask from Miss Koko is one of the first anti-cellulite masks on the market. If you want to feel extra confident in your booty this summer, definitely try it out.

It is made with Aloe Vera and Chilli which really packs a punch to start your skin’s metabolic fat burning. The mask aims to restore your skin’s elasticity, giving it an extra plump in a short amount of time.

But beware, this stuff burns. However, the results really are amazing.

Miss Koko Anti-Cellulite Body Mask

Self Tan

Self tan is a fool proof way to even out the skin tone and add a healthy glow quickly. Bondi Beauty recommends using the St Tropez Watermelon Infused Self-Tan Bronzing Mouse or the Hawaiian Tropic Self-Tanning Foam for the perfect bronzy coverage.  Click here for step by step instructions if you are a self-tan virgin.

If you want to go a step further, you can even try contouring your booty with self tan. This can make your backside appear more defined and perkier.


Another key to a peachy booty is exfoliation. The process of scrubbing off dry and dead skin cells results in increased radiancy and youthfulness. Additionally, it boosts blood flow creating an extra bounce in the bum. Exfoliation also evens out the skin tone, creating a smooth booty.

The Espresso & Orange Anti-Cellulite Scrub from Miss Koko has been formulated specifically to remove cellulite and uses coffee, sea salt and essential oils to improve the skin’s firmness.

Miss Koko Exfoliating Scrub


What can sometimes be a laborious task, moisturising is often over looked when it shouldn’t be. Not moisturising can lead to dry and dull skin.

By using an effective moisturiser, instantaneous plumping can be achieved. 

The Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Ultra Moisturising Foot & Leg Therapy is the perfect moisturiser to combat dry skin to unveil smooth looking legs.

Montana Crabb

Montana is a Law and Communication student with a passion for writing. She is a Bondi local so you can usually find her at a Bondi cafe, doing the coastal walk or you guessed it, at the beach.

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