Tania Zaetta talks to Bondi Beauty about the ultimate summer self- tan.

Tania Zaetta  speaks to Bondi Beauty about traveling the globe,  and looking fit and fab with the ultimate self-tan.

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Tania Zaetta says tanning products are used just as much in winter as summer all over the world. “While living in Europe where the winters are very cold with limited sunshine then tanning products are very much in demand.”

 Bondi Beauty: When did you first start tanning?

Tania: I first started tanning about a decade ago while living in London – where the sun doesn’t shine very often –  and it was the first time I’d noticed that my olive skin was capable of going a few shades lighter.

Although I have to admit, I didn’t actually like using self tanners at the time as they turned my olive skin yellow and always went very patchy in a couple of days. Then I was convinced by a friend, with similar skin tone to myself, to try Puretan a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. I can honestly say it’s the only tanning product that doesn’t give an orange tinge on olive skin and never goes patchy.

Bondi Beauty: Do you tan all year around?

Tania: Yes I pretty much do tan all year round as I’m always travelling between seasons so like to stay bronzed and ‘red carpet ready’ for any and every occasion.

Bondi Beauty: Is a tan important to fit girls?

Tania: Yes I believe it is important for our mind and confidence levels.

We work hard to stay trim, toned and healthy so having a bronzed goddess glow not only helps us look great with what we’re wearing but also helps us feel good about how we look.  Anything that boosts our confidence and keeps our spirits high is important in my eyes.

Bondi Beauty: What product do you prefer (mousse/cream/spray) and why?

Tania: I used to get the odd spray tan before an event but always struggled time wise to get one done when I needed. Now I use Puretan pure bronze dark instant tanning lotion applied with the mitt at home.  It gives me the most beautiful deep bronzed glow that looks like I’ve just stepped off the beach.

And when they say its ‘Instant’ , I can pop the tan on with the mitt in minutes, wash it off in an hr and I’m flawlessly & effortlessly tanned. I’ve put my girlfriends onto it and they’re actually thanking me for it which is nice.

 Bondi Beauty: What are your tanning tips for a great flawless tan?

Tania: Apart from the obvious of ‘exfoliating’ before you apply any tanning product, then my No. 1 tip is definitely using the Pro Self Application Mitt. 

I hadn’t used one before and now I won’t ever apply tan without one. The Mitt is like velvet so the tanning product goes on evenly, smoothly and never streaky, providing an absolute flawless tan every time. Plus yellow stained fingers are well and truly a thing of the past thank goodness.

My other ‘tanning must do’ is to use a good body cream like Pure Moisture Coconut Body Range every day to keep your skin and tan hydrated to maintain luxurious longevity.

 Bondi Beauty: You travel a lot, are tans just as popular in other countries?

Tania: Great question. While living in Europe where the winters are very cold with limited sunshine then tanning products are very much in demand.

However while living in India filming Bollywood movies where the climate is hot and people have dark skin then you struggle to find a tanning product anywhere. In fact it’s the opposite, the Indians opt for bleaching products in an attempt to make their skin fairer.

For more on pure tan, check out: www.puretan.com.au

Do you wear tan in winter?

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