Body Highlighters to Get Your Glow On (Road-tested by us).

Shine bright like a diamond – all over your body – with Bondi Beauty’s favourite new body highlighters

From tan rubbing off on sheets, to streak marks from sweat, fake tanning at home can be a messy affair.

Not to mention, it’s time-consuming and often a hassle, leaving one less than excited about the event ahead.

This is where body highlighters come in. Not just for the face, specific highlighters can also be applied to the body.

The perfect in-between from a gradual tanner and a full fake tan, these products can be applied within hours of an event.

They give a subtle bronzed glow, with most containing an added sparkle or shine that leaves skin looking aluminized and highlighted. And the best part is they can be simply washed off once an event is ended, with no harsh scrubbing or exfoliating necessary.

These new-season body highlighters are the best kept secret when it comes to getting that glow every time, with minimal effort.   

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Illuminator Highlighter, RRP$19.95

With an easy roll-on applicator, the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Illuminator Highlighter is the perfect option for a quick bronze touch up that leaves legs looking elongated and glowing.

sally hansen illuminator
The illusion of long, bronzed legs is no longer a hard to reach ideal – this product makes it easy.

Don’t be put off by the initial orange streaks – the product seamlessly blends into the skin by massaging with fingers. What is left is a slight bronzed colour that isn’t fake looking or overpowering, but one that leaves skin looking glossy and smooth.

Additionally, light-reflecting pigments in the formula provide a buildable shimmer and a glow that catches the light.

While a little messy on the hands, the product dries in less than 60 seconds – meaning it’s unlikely to transfer onto clothes. It can also be applied to the collar bones, décolletage, arms and shoulders for that finishing touch of highlight. Use fingertips for a precise application.

With a refreshing, yet lightweight scent, this product comes in two shades – Golden Glow for a bronze, sun-kissed look, and Nude Sheen for a more subtle, silvery glow.  

MCoBeauty Liquid Glow Skin Perfecter Highlighter, RRP$12 AUD

ModelCo’s new sister brand that is dedicated to beauty, MCoBeauty, have released a new skin-perfecting highlighter.

With a highly blend-able, lightweight formula, this is ideal to use as a base under moisturizer or mixed in with foundation for a dewy, long-lasting glow.

MCo Beauty
Perfect your skin with a golden glow thanks to MCo Beauty

With the aroma of watermelon providing a hint of summer, this isn’t overly shiny or bronzed. It’s a natural glow that can be worn on the face, or over the body.

For a more intense pop of shimmer, apply it directly to the collarbones, shoulders or cheekbones to highlight those areas that catch the sun.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup in Tan/Bronze, RRP$19.99

For that bit of extra coverage of bruises, scarring and marks, this leg makeup from Sally Hansen leaves skin looking smooth and airbrushed. 

Sally Hansen body makeup
For more intense coverage, try the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

This is a great option for a glow that is more similar to that from self-tanner, a deep bronze that still looks natural, with an added shine. The best part? It doesn’t have to be applied and left overnight for the colour to develop – simply apply to the hands, massage and blend in to the legs.

Available in either a spray bottle or a cream, this product is more resistant than the illuminator from the same product line, and it won’t streak or run when coming into contact with water or sweat.

Its lightweight texture makes it easy to rub in, and the smell isn’t overpowering or excessive.

Available in five different shades this leg makeup is a game-changer in terms of increasing confidence – say goodbye to feeling self-conscious from bruises or scars.

L’Oreal Glow Cherie Natural Glow Enhancer, RRP$21.95

Unlike other traditional tanners that use coconut extract giving that ‘fake tan’ scent, this new highlighter from L’Oreal uses watermelon extract for a refreshing and fruity summer addition.

loreal body highlighter
A radiating glow thanks to Loreal

This is a creamy, natural glow enhancer that contains light reflecting particles to give a radiant, natural looking glow. It’s not as sparkly as others and is more of a natural, paired back glow.

It’s creamy yet lightweight texture makes it perfect for applying all over the face, smoothing skin and blurring imperfections.

Suitable for all skin types and coming in shades light, medium and dark, this can be used on the face as a hydrating, radiating moisturizer. It can also be used under makeup as an illuminating base. A pro tip is that it can also be applied to areas such as the collarbones to enhance, contour and define them.

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