Glow Through Winter with These 3 Self-Tanners



These three self-tanning products are the only products you’ll need this winter to keep skin glowing and looking healthy.

Gone are the days of looking yellow or orange when using self tan in the winter months.

Now you can glow and look golden all year around with some fabulous products which not only create a beautiful natural tan, some even grow darker over the days after applying, making it seem like you’re soaking up the sun in your lunch break to get glowing through Winter.


It’s about time self-tanning products got serious about drying fast and providing intense hydration to the skin whilst tanning.

Bondi Sands have once again nailed it in the department of self-tanners by creating a beautiful new product which has been aerated called Aero. This new foam creates a stunning glow instantly and dries so fast after application, you won’t stain your clothes or your sheets. Oh, and did we mention how good it smells?

Amazing. The scent is coconut of course and where some scents in self-tanners often don’t work, the new scent for Aero does. It’s subtle and creates a beautiful scent after application.

Sensitive skin sufferers rejoice, if you have never heard of or used MooGoo ever then you’re going to love this. MooGoo are a specialised natural beauty brand; or as natural as a beauty brand can get anyway, who create products to nurture any type of skin concern you have, particularly for anyone suffering itchy, dry skin.

Using Milk Protein to help nurture skin conditions, they have released a fabulous new range of self-tanning products suitable for any skin type, no matter the concern. So those of you suffering with irritable skin and who can normally not use any self-tanning lotions, in fear of causing irritation to the skin, MooGoo is the product for you.

Both the Tinted Face Cream and the Body Gradual Tanner are easy to apply and work to create a gradual glow over time. For a deeper colour, re-apply when needed.


This revolutionary self-tanning brand have developed a way to work with the natural skin tones of your skin to create the perfect glow, which not lonely looks natural, it lasts as well. It’s called UBER and the concept of these tanners are designed to work with the colour of your skin, whether you are olive skinned, medium skin toned or fair, there is a separate tanner for each skin colour.

There is the Green Base tanner designed for all skin types and creates a medium glowing tan. The Ash Based tanner for anyone with fair skin, which creates a medium brown tan and the Violet Base tanner for anyone with olive skin looking to deepen their tone for a rich deep brown tan. The tanners are mousse texture and dry reasonably fast, so easy to apply at night before bed.

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