Five Foods to avoid to look and feel younger.



To stay younger longer, avoid these 5 foods:

It’s not all about what you eat – anti-ageing can also be about what you don’t.


1) Sugar – Just check out what Sarah Wilson writes on her blog and site ‘I Quit Sugar’ for the facts. She features constantly updated information on studies and research pertaining to the negative effects of sugar. The facts are sugar molecules bind to protein molecules and create AGE’s – molecules that literally age you and potentially cause disease.


2) Caffeine – there’s no need to stress over a coffee a day, but if you’re using caffeine to stay awake or give you extra energy, you potentially have an aging problem. Caffeine raises cortisol levels, a stress hormone that damages cells and potentially causes ageing and weight gain.


3) Salt – the big problem with salt is that if you have too much, it can dehydrate you and dehydration is a major cause of ageing, particularly on the face and skin.


4) Energy drinks – these often contain high sugar levels, so you’re pumping excess sugar into your system, and they damage the enamel on your teeth even more than standard soft drinks. There’s nothing worse than yellow, unhealthy teeth to age your appearance instantly.


5) Oils – Refined oils, so canola, safflower and fried foods can be inflammatory and damage skin, ageing it prematurely. Stick to anti-inflammatory fats like coconut, fish, nuts and seed oils.

How do you stay young?


Renae Leith-Manos


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