9 Tips to Make a Salon Blow Dry Last Longer

Make a professional salon blow dry last as long as possible.

Nine tips to make it last longer: 

Toni and Guy hair expert Sarah Langford and hair stylist Leanne Allan reveal some insider tips on how to keep your blow dry salon-fresh for at least 48 hours.


  1. Tie hair up when sleeping

Leaving your hair down when you sleep will cause any curls from your blow dry to drop and lose shape.

Leanne says to put your hair up into a loose bun on the top of your head, as this will ensure volume is maintained.

Use a spiral or coil hair tie instead of a regular hair elastic, as the spiral ties lock the hair in place rather than pulling it, which leaves the “dent” in your hair that can ruin a blow dry.


2. Avoid hot showers

“Steam from the shower can instantly destroy your blow dry,” says Sarah.

Try and keep your hair as dry as possible and away from moisture.


  1. Avoid brushing

If you want to maintain your volume, avoid brushing your hair with a wide brush, says Sarah.

“Only use your fingers from the roots up to keep the volume.”

“If you want a sleek and straight look then brush with a wide tooth comb to get the knots out.”


4.Do blow dries last longer for blondes or brunettes?

Generally speaking, what matters the most is the hair condition, not the colour.

“If the products have been incorrectly applied or the hair isn’t healthy, the blow dry won’t last as long as it could,” Sarah says

“Often a blow dry on a brunette will last longer, because their hair is usually less processed, but it all comes down to the general condition of the hair.”

  1. Shampoo twice before the blow dry

 “Not many people are aware that when washing their hair, shampooing should be done twice”, Leanne says.

The first shampoo works to bring all the dirt to the surface, while the second shampoo helps to rinse and wash the dirt out.

“This ensures your hair is as clean as it can be, allowing the blow dry to hold its shape for longer.”

  1. Use conditioner sparingly

One of the reasons a blow dry will fall flat sooner is if the conditioner has not been properly rinsed out.

Ensure you are only conditioning the ends of your hair, as this stops the hair from getting oilier sooner. Thoroughly rinse after two to three minutes.


  1. Use a heat protector

Protecting your hair from the high temperatures of appliances like blow dryers and straighteners is one of the keys to making your blow dry last longer.

Use an oil-based protector such as label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Radiance Oil (RRP $55.50) and apply evenly throughout your hair by rubbing the product in your hands first.

Concentrate on the ends of your hair, as they are prone to breaking and splitting.

  1. Dry Shampoo is your best friend

A common misconception about applying dry shampoo is that you should do it after your hair is oily.

It should actually be applied two to three days before your hair starts to feel oily, Leanne says.

Apply a dry shampoo straight after your blow dry, at the roots of the hair to soak up the oil from the heat protector.

This will prolong not only the cleanliness of the hair, but also maintain texture and volume.

  1. Use quality, salon products

Paying a little extra for high quality salon products is worth it, says Leanne.

“Products bought at a cheap price from the supermarket won’t make your blow dry last longer or your hair healthier”, she says.

“Salon shampoos and conditioners are more concentrated and full of active ingredients, meaning you need less product for even better results.”


The Bondi Beauty team were treated to a salon experience at Toni and Guy Bondi Junction, walking out with fresh blow drys and hair that felt amazing. Here are the results:



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