How to have lush locks all year round.

After a long, hot summer, hair needs a boost, whether that’s a quick cut, treatment, colour or simply changing your shampoo and conditioner, here are some tips for lush locks:

Autumn is a great time to get your locks back in shape, and get it growing fast.

The secret to growing hair faster is simple. Keep it healthy with the right products, regular trims,  and the right diet.

A trip to the salon can be a great a pick me up. But bare in mind hair only grows at an average rate of half an inch per month so if your’e looking for length, cutting it off won’t get you there, but it will keep it looking fresh and in tip-top condition.

Previous endeavors to lengthen your locks may have failed because damaged hair is breaking just as often as new hair is growing. The solution is to keep it healthy to begin with, and ensure that when to does grow, it stays strong, smooth and healthy. Here are some tips to keep your hair in top condition.

Many people pay lots of attention to their skin and neglect their hair when it comes to hydration. It is important to drink plenty of water for overall health. It increases cell turnover and will leave your hair healthier, softer and in great condition for growth.We love indulging with Oribe signature moisture masque $59,

Change your shampoo and conditioner: When the weather changes, so to should your regular shampoo and conditioner. Go for something more nourishing, and pick rick conditioners. Try  a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair likes Sachajuan Dry Hair Shampoo (RRP$33.00 ) Sachajuan Dry Hair Conditioner (RRP$33.00)

Eat Well: Hair growth is determined mainly by genetics, hormones and diet. Since diet is the area we have most control over, eating wisely is a great way to help your hair grow. Prevention is often better than a cure so eat well to improve hair growth from the inside out. Protein contains nitrogen responsible for growth and repair. Eggs are a quick versatile way to get your fix.Try carrots to boost your vitamin A intake and oily fish or a supplement for those all important omega-3 fatty acids.

Step away from the styler
Embrace your natural locks every once in a while. It will not only give your hair a break from extensive heat damage, but will change up your look, save some precious time in the morning for more beauty sleep and help your hair to grow. What’s not to love?

Massage magic
Getting to the root of the problem (no pun intended), a deep message to your roots will instantly give your hair growth ability a boost through circulation and blood flow. It only takes a few minutes. Head massages are great for relieving stress too and if you can get a willing masseuse even better!


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