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The battle for great hair has been over for a while thanks to GHD, but their latest offering makes it easier than ever to have lush locks.

The new GHD Platinum straightens AND curls quicker than ever.

Bondi Beauty’s Anita Senior and Renae Leith-Manos road test the new Platinum GHD

Australia and New Zealand are lucky enough to have the latest ghd innovation before anyone else. A world exclusive, the ghd platinum™ has arrived.

But does is it any better? And what makes the ghd platinum so innovative?

1) Less Damage due to lower heat
This UK based company claim to have discovered the optimum temperature for hair styling (185℃). The GHD Platinum is built to give just enough heat without damaging the hair using something they are calling Trizone technology. This technology, unique to ghd prevents the temperature of the styler from fluctuating, so you get just enough heat to create the look you want without the added guilt of over-use. This styler is made to be used day to day as part of your beauty routine.

2) A clever new design also means less damage to hair
When in a rush, it’s tempting to hold a styler tighter for faster results but one of the best features about this styler is that it doesn’t let you. The new design means  there is a hinge between the two heated plates which doesn’t allow them to touch completely- much like the shape of a wishbone. This means hair can breath and avoids too much direct heat which can occur when the temptation to get the job done in a rush presents itself.

3) Wider plates make it easier and faster to curl hair
The wider plates make the platinum easier to handle when creating curls. The wider the plate, the larger the curl and the more natural it looks, but with the bonus of added volume.

4) Stylish Design
When using the ghd platinum, it is like using a professional tool. It’s sleek, sophisticated and comes in black/white matte with a handy rubber cover to alleviate those nasty surface burns and protect your furniture.

5) Sleep Mode Function
There is nothing worse than getting all dressed up for an event, only to spend half the night worrying you’ve burned the house down!  A sleep mode feature means the styler automatically turns itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Get your ghd platinum™ from mid-May in approved ghd salons, Mecca Maxima, Kit Stores and www.ghdhair.com/au

RRP $315

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