Is 2021 the year for your straightest teeth ever?

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There is no excuse for bad teeth. Now there is a simple, affordable solution for straight teeth. I’m trying it.

With global travel off the agenda and plenty of spare time, there never been a better time to invest in yourself.

I had braces as a teenager, but over time, my teeth have moved and aren’t as perfect as I’d like them to be, and in any event I have twin children currently with braces, so it’s the perfect time for me to jump on board.

The big trend in teeth straightening over recent years has been clear aligners (plastic trays) as an easier, more affordable alternative to high maintenance (and super expensive) braces.

Renae being fitted at SmileDirectClub, chasing straight teeth in Sydney

SmileDirectClub offer a hassle free solution that doesn’t cost a fortune, (around 60% less than braces) and the aligners are said to straighten teeth 3 X faster than braces. Aligners are far more discreet than braces, and therefore much more suitable for grown ups.

SmileDirectClub offered to straighten my teeth to road test their product and write about it, and I had to say yes. The process has so far been hassle free. I went to their clinic in the city to have a 3D model made of my mouth and to learn about the process. It was actually a lot of fun and I left excited to receive my purple straightening kit which arrived about 4 weeks later.

A huge purple box contains instructions and all of the equipment needed. My instructions were to wear the liners for 22 hours each day, and to change them every week or two weeks for fresh ones, depending on the cycle.

Renae being measured for clear aligners to achieve straight teeth at SmileDirectClub, Sydney

An added bonus is that the kit comes with a whitening kit too, which you can use with the aligners to have sparkling white teeth – but I am saving that to use right at the end of the treatment when my teeth are perfectly straight and then need whitening.

I am up to week 3, and the first week my teeth did hurt, and it was all a very strange experience but now I am totally accustomed to it.

Some of the unexpected adaptations I have had to make include: I eat a lot less as you cannot eat when wearing the aligners and taking them in and out is not always easy depending on where you are.

So wearing the aligners to a dinner party is not an option – they’re out.

Wearing lipstick is challenging as it can come off on the aligners and make your teeth looked stained.

You can’t drink alcohol or any coloured liquid whilst wearing the aligners, so I also drink less juices or coloured liquid.

But again, after 3 weeks, there really is no issue. It is all very easy.

Can’t wait to write about the results in 6 months time, but right now I am enjoying the fun.

Renae having her teeth measured at SmileDirectClub, Sydney with the purple box that arrives filled with the equipment you need.

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