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We receive a lot of beauty questions from our followers, here are a handful we’ve picked to answer for you:

At Bondi Beauty, we can answer your all of your beauty dilemmas.

Q:I want to spray something in my hair (other than perfume) after a workout so it smells fresh and clean. What do you recommend? Vaiber, Tamarama, Sydney
A: Perfume is not great as it can damage your hair and the sensitive skin on your scalp. Dry shampoos are an obvious choice, but I’ve found Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray brilliant post-workout or even after a big night out to freshen hair, and it leave it smelling clean and shampooed.

It gives volume, absorbs oil, and I love the clean smell. I even keep a can on my work desk for a quick spritz before stepping out. RRP$ 32.95.

Q: Now that the weather is warming up, my skin is oilier than ever. How can I keep it matte under my make-up for work? Jemima, Paddington, Brisbane
A: You’re not alone. Stats say the 70% of women suffer from t-zone issues including excess oil production, shine on the skin, enlarged pores and redness. The trick with oily skin is to keep things balanced.

If there is not enough moisture on the skin, the subascious glands will work overtime to Skin Doctor’s Cosmeceuticals have created a three step range of T-Zone products – foaming cleanser, face cream and night treatment cream to help.

The cleanser is paraben free and has antibacterial properties, the face cream hydrates but help reduce shine and the night treatment cream helps shrink and tighten pores. T-Zone Oil control cleanser RRP$29.95, T-Zone no more oil RRP$39.95,

Q: I like using natural scrubs to exfoliate my body, as I swim a lot on chlorine. But I have highly sensitive skin, and the fragrances in most scrubs give me a rash. Can you suggest anything? Emma-Lee, North Sydney

A: The Aromatherapy Company Therapy Range DIY Body Scrub Kit is an all natural body scrub. Cute little individual paper sachets contain sugar, and each is perfect for one full body scrub application (there are 4 in a jar). You can then select an aromatherapy body and bath oil from their range of 8 to put with it to calm, uplift or enlighten the senses and fragrance your skin. Kit RRP$17.95, Oils RRP $18.95.

Q: I had chemotherapy 7 years ago, and whilst my hair has grown back, I still have patches where the hair is very thin. Is there anything I can do? Jane, Roseville, Sydney.
A: Hair loss is a common problem and can be caused by a number of factors including age, diet, stress, medications, environmental factors pregnancy, hormones and genetics. Chemotherapy treatment can be brutal on hair.

Cliniscalp has a three-step system to stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow and oxygen to the hair follicle. It contains a pile of natural ingredients from peppermint leaf oil to aloe and sunflower seed oil. Used daily it helps hair look and feel fuller and healthier. Cliniscalp Cleanse for Natural Hair , RRP$32.95, Cliniscalp Nourish for Natural Hair, RRP$32.95, Cliniscalp Stimulating Scalp Treat, RRP$39.95.

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