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Dry shampoo has become a life saver for women across the nation and we are obsessed with Australian brand Cedel’s retro take on this beauty must have.

Rachel McAdams - The ultimate hair goals
Rachel McAdams – The ultimate hair goals

They say never meet you idols, but they never said anything about meeting your nan’s idols. So when I met Cedel ambassador Ita Buttrose at the launch of the company’s Retro Dry Shampoo, I wasn’t the only one who was excited or hanging for a photo.

While my nan is still getting over the fact that the photo came from my iPhone (she really hates that) I have become borderline obsessed with what is easily the biggest can of dry shampoo I’ve ever got my hot little hands on. This 387ml can is available in two shades. There is a clear version for us with fair hair, and for those brunettes who may have previously shied away from dry shampoo in fear of creating a grey wig, Cedel’s brunette product includes a brown tint. Which means if you really do have some pesky greys this is sure to become your favourite two in one product.

Dry shampoo is essentially a wash in powder form. It is the quickest and easiest way to ensure hair looks clean, and without worrying about conditioning or drying you have more time for other things in the morning, such as a killer outfit to distract from the fact you’re rocking the same hairdo.

Easily my favourite part of hair products has to be the scent. While we all know coconut is having a moment right now, and will probably continue to for a while because it makes us think we are on holidays even when we’re not, you aren’t likely to get sick of carrying around that scent, or that day dream.

If you’re anything like me, washing your hair has become a practice often reserved for Sunday nights, not only because we have a social life, but because lathering up to often can seriously dry out our locks. If being time poor hasn’t led you to dry shampoo already maybe it’s time to consider going an extra day between washes… and in the long run you’ll be able to go longer between trims as well.

Cedel’s hair spray has been an Australian cult favourite for over 80 years, so it isn’t hard to imagine the dry shampoo will soon take its permanent place in bathroom’s across the nation. Available at most pharmacies and supermarkets, Bondi Beauty highly recommends getting your hands on a can, especially when it is only likely to set you back $10.

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