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skincare products for spring

Spring cleaning your skincare routine; here’s how.

With the changing weather, a new wardrobe is needed. And it is the same with your skincare routine. 

As the UV index increases and dry winter air decreases, (each person’s) skin has different needs. 

Skin needs to prepare for a warmer climate by having a higher level of sun protection, more moisture and increased exfoliation to help skin regenerate.

When changing a skincare routine, it is good practice to check that all of your beauty products are still in date and throw out any unusable products.  simple ways to do this include checking the symbol on the back that shows when the product expires, click here to read.

After the team’s trials and tests, here are 5 new skincare products to add to your spring skincare routine.

Start Fresh

Cult UK brand Carbon Theory’s Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Breakout Control Facial Exfoliating ScrubRRP: $24.99 smells of glowing skin. Tea tree oil with citric acid and charcoal works to detoxify and clear clogged pores to balance and brighten the complexion. This occurs as tea tree oil, which is an antiseptic, reduced inflammation, citric acid helps skin cells regenerate faster, giving a glowing appearance and charcoal draws out oils and bacteria to help prevent acne.

Cult UK brand Carbon Theory's Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Breakout Control Facial Exfoliating Scrub

Get Hydrated

Australian skincare brand Sukin has hydration needs covered with a biomarine facial serum RRP: $24.95 that is best applied before the Sukin rehydrating gel cream RRP: $22.95. Perfect for after a day at the beach, these products are super refreshing and hydrating with extracts of sea algae, hyaluronic acid and maize complex. They are both made with natural ingredients and are vegan and cruelty free.

Australian skincare brand Sukin has hydration needs covered with a biomarine facial serum RRP: $24.95 that is best applied before the Sukin rehydrating gel cream

For the thickest, most luxurious body moisturiser that still isn’t greasy, Summer Skin Australia’s body moisturiser RRP: $29.95 gives intense hydration with a gorgeous coconut scent without feeling heavy. Perfect for after a day at the beach.

summer skin body moisturises surrounded by summer items

Sun Protection

Invisible Zinc Sheer Defence Tinted Moisturiser RRP: $25.49 has 50SPF protection, 2 hours water resistance with UVA and UVB protection by a mineral shield. This sunscreen is great for sensitive skin as it is lightweight, non-greasy and has a sheer tint that gives light coverage.

sheer defence invisible zinc sunscreen for skin protection

After Sun Care

If you spent a day at the beach, swimming in the sea and basking in the rays of the warm sun, you’ll need to treat your skin to a little nourishment to replenish all the oils which have ben zapped out of the body from the day. The Peggy Sue Body + Bath Oil RRP $48 does just that. Made with a blend of organic coconut and jojoba oil, the il is lightweight and features a variety of uplifting essential oils which will feed your skin with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

Peggy Sue also sell a beautiful range called the Pink Bath Brew Pockets RRP $32 which are incredibly revitalising after being in the sun all day. Simply, pop one of the pockets into your bath of warm water, sit back and let it works it’s magic.

Youth Made Easy

To get that extra youthful appearance, French brand Phytologic’s anthogenol anti-ageing serum RRP: $69.99 will leave skin plump and fine lines reduced. Containing Masquelier’s original OPCs, which are anti-oxidant protecting compounds that promote blood circulation. Currently it can be purchased here and you will receive a free beauty roller.

French brand Phytologic's anthogenol anti-ageing serum

Treat Your Skin

For a home facial, Nu Skin’s Nutricentials Celtrex Ultra Recovery Mask RRP: $50 has amazing skin smoothing effects that last. Cotton sheets with shea butter, bio-adaptive plant extracts help the skin’s natural repair process and leave the face feeling instantly refreshed and plumped.

Nu Skin's Nutricentials Celtrex Ultra Recovery Mask
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