Achieve Perfect Brows in Three Simple Steps

Step up your brow game with expert tips from Benefit’s national brow artist, Hannah Terrett


Brows on fleek in 3…2…1…

Bondi Beauty spoke to Benefit’s national brow artist, Hannah Terrett on achieving “on fleek” brows.

Brows make for a big statement and perfecting your brows is an essential skill to stepping up your makeup game. The most crucial step is finding the right eyebrow shape for you “Not all of us are blessed with the infamous Delevigne arches so the most important thing is to find the right shape for you. Once you do, stick to it!

What products do you need? “To keep your brow game strong, invest in 2-3 key products prescribed for your ideal brow needs.”

If you’re a beginner, she recommends Benefit’s Goof Proof pencil (RRP: $42.00). “Create the perfect brow in a flash using Benefit’s Goof Proof pencil, this is a brow-beginners best friend and perfect for shaping and filling for gals on the go. To keep any stray hairs in place, tame using a setting gel like Benefit’s 24-Hour Brow Setter (RRP: 24.00) then brush them up using a volumising fibre gel like Benefit’s Gimme brow. (RRP: $39.00)”


Terrett says one of the key ways to achieve bold eyebrows is to apply the “brow mapping” technique. “This is a three step custom technique to help you map out where your brows should start, arch, and end so you can achieve the right shape for your face.”


When it comes to eyebrows, less is more. She says, “Going in too hard and applying too much eyebrow product. Less is more when it comes to brow products. Identify which sections of your eyebrows need the most attention and start from there.

Using light feather strokes apply your product to the areas of the brow with the least amount of hair. For added definition, enhance your shape by tracing around the outline of the brow to create your desired look.”


And finally, to achieve perfect bold brows, Terrett says that brow voluminisers are a girl’s best friend. “I love Gimme Brow for runway ready brows. I also love layering this volumiser under my mascara for building thickness through my eyelashes. Top tip- brush a light layer through the hairline to cover any sneaky grey hairs. Trust me it works! “

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