A Guide To Make the Most Of Thin Brows

Close up of woman's eye and thinner brow with natural makeup

Eyebrows can be a sensitive topic for some. Often, there’s a traumatic experience in the past that stays with people – a seriously scary tinting gone wrong, an over-pluck here or an over-wax there.

With brow trends that are ever-evolving it’s no surprise people look back on their brow journey and cringe at old photos “how did I ever think that looked good?”

An important milestone in anyone’s brow journey is understanding that brows are inextricably unique to their owner’s face shape and preferences.

Every brow is unique in its shape and colour

What may look good on a friend or celebrity won’t necessarily work for someone else’s face.

What may look good for the left brow, won’t necessarily work for the right brow. 

It’s a tale as old as time, no two brows are the same which makes this business oh-so tricky.

Having thinner brows can be both a blessing and a curse. 

Yes there’s no need to go through painful waxing and threading every single week, but it also means those brows need some serious work to develop any resemblance of shape or colour.

Not everyone is gifted with thick natural brows.

Brow colour, thickness and shape come from genetics so being born with sparse brows means that an effective brow routine must be adopted.

On a quest for advice from an expert in the area, the Bondi Beauty team managed to lock an appointment in with Ciara Gallagher.

Originally hailing from Ireland, Ciara has called Sydney home since 2005. Noticing a gap in the beauty market for highly trained brow specialists and a dedicated eyebrow salon offering, Ciara underwent intensive HD Brow training in the UK.

Located in Bondi, Ciara has been in the eyebrow business for over 8 years now and has plenty of tips and tricks for brows of all shapes and sizes.

For those with thin brows it’s not uncommon to opt for a heavier brow product that will provide enough coverage to achieve a desired full look. 

These thicker and waxier products, such as Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, can actually weigh down natural hairs and make them fall out faster.

Scrubbing makeup from eyebrows can accidentally remove hairs.

This happens particularly when roughly removing makeup – it can take 2 or 3 cotton pads to fully remove thick product from brows and often small brow hairs are pulled off during this process.

Ciara advises against plucking at all – leave this to the experts. Over-plucking can cause damage to the area and stunt hair growth all together.

She recommends rubbing castor oil over the brows before going to bed to encourage their growth as it’s best to let them grow as much as possible to welcome their natural shape. 

Ciara and her team have mastered the art of customised brows. Their signature brow treatment is focused on achieving results by creating a profile to ensure they are always working towards long-term brow goals.

Before every treatment they carefully analyse face shape, skin tone and personal preferences, their ‘ethos’ focusing on embracing the natural brow as much as possible.

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