Q&A: How to Achieve a Natural Dewy Makeup Look

how to achieve a dewy makeup look in summer

Yes, you can achieve a dewy summer glow, without greasy skin.

We answer two beauty questions on how to create a dewy makeup look and what shades of lipstick (other than red) can you wear with a red dress.

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Dear Bondi Beauty,
I want to glow this summer. How do I achieve the glowy look without looking greasy?
Alison, Newcastle

To achieve the dewy look, try switching your foundation for a BB or CC tinted cream or moisturiser in matte, like Nude by Nature’s Sheer Glow BB Cream RRP $29.95 which will give you the cover you need to hide skin imperfections. But also, keep skin moisturised for a natural no make-up look.

For eyelids, lips and even cheeks, stick to cream-based products.

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Try Trinny London’s Lip2Cheek RRP $45 available in a range of beautiful natural glowy tones like Vebee and Pia which are cream based and can be used on the lips and cheeks, but also as an eyeshadow as well. 

Instead of wearing heavy mascaras in summer, why not try lash extensions

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Lash extensions are a great alternative to wearing mascara, as they require very little maintenance and your eyes will look polished with or without any makeup.

Dear Bondi Beauty,
I don’t really suit red lipstick.

Is there any other shade I can pull off with a sexy red dress?
Anna, Liecharddt

Hi Anna,

It can be super challenging to match the shade of a red lipstick with a red dress (or any other red outfit for that matter). 

We recommend pairing more neutral and earthy tones with crimson, rather than wearing red.

Or if red lipstick doesn’t suit you, go with nudes that work with your skin tones. You can’t go past a good nude lipstick.

Celebrity makeup artist Jennifer Farhood strongly believes the best lip colour to pair with red clothing is either nude or earthy tones, even if you suit red lipstick. It’s best not to try and match it.

For a nude tone, try Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Lipstick RRP $30 in shade Chai Shimmer. And for a nice earthy tone, try Raww Coconut Kiss Lipstick RRP $24.99 in shade Playful Plum

Fave Beauty Product of the Week:

Morphe Glamabronze Face and Body Bronzer RRP $29

I am a bronzer fiend – if that’s a thing. Bronzer is my solution for the days, when I wake up looking a little pasty from either lack of sleep, or in the colder months when I haven’t seen enough sun. 

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Both matte and shimmery, I have an arsenal of bronzers at the ready to help me glow all year around.

This beautiful bronzing formula by Morphe is silky smooth with a matte finish. It’s buildable and easy to wear over a tinted moisturiser, or foundation. 

My shade is Mastermind, which is a cool bronze tone and ideal for fair skin tones. So, this is my go-to bronzer in the cooler months, when my skin has seen less sun. 

However, they have a palette of shades to suit any skin tone, and any time of the year. 

My fave part about this bronzer is how well it blends into the skin. And I have often worn without any other foundations, when I’m ducking up to the shops quickly and need a little colour. 

Just make sure you’re wearing a good moisturiser if you opt to wear without any tinted moisturisers or foundations, so skin doesn’t look dry.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

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