The Best Mineral Makeup For Flawless Summer Skin

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This summer it’s time to ditch the heavy foundations and opt for lightweight mineral makeup.

As the days start to get warmer, our pores and sweat glands start to work a little harder and open up more. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure the products we are applying to our skin aren’t full of harmful chemicals and instead are designed to feed the skin.

That’s where mineral makeup comes in. Mineral makeup has become increasingly popular over the last few years as consumers are becoming more aware of the ingredients in their everyday makeup and the effect it has on their complexion and overall health.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s important to make sure we treat it with the same level of health consciousness as we would our heart or liver.

With its natural ingredients and product make up, many mineral cosmetics are also vegan and cruelty free, which means not only do they care for the skin, but more often than not they also care more for the environment and animals than traditional makeup.

Given that foundation is usually applied to the whole face, it’s the perfect product to make the switch first, especially if you are not ready to give up all of your old favourite makeup products.

Many traditional foundations contain synthetic ingredients, chemicals and fragrances that can irritate and aggravate the complexion. This is somewhat ironic as many people wear foundation to cover up problem skin, when in reality it could be the thing causing the irritation in the first place.

With this in mind, here are our top 5, tried and tested mineral foundations to make the switch a little bit easier for you.

Lust Minerals Pressed Foundation (RRP$59.99)

Lust Cosmetics Mineral Pressed Powder
Lust Cosmetics Mineral Pressed Powder

This is a great medium to buildable foundation option. The pressed powder can be applied on its own as a lightweight foundation (great for if you’re going to the gym or the beach and just want a little bit of cover) but can also be layered on top of a liquid foundation to add more coverage or mattify.

The product also comes with mirrored packaging and a handy sponge, making it the perfect handbag essential.

Raww Cosmetics Super-Camo Foundation (RRP$34.99)

Raww Cosmetics Super-Camo Foundation
Raww Cosmetics Super-Camo Foundation

A great cruelty free alternative is the Raww Cosmetics Super-Camo Foundation (RRP$34.99) which is both cruelty-free, vegan and organic. It’s a triple threat. While the brand’s ethics deserve a huge pat on the back, the product itself should be celebrated in its own right. The foundation has a medium to buildable coverage, meaning that you can layer it up to create a full coverage if you would prefer. It has an SPF 15, making it great for everyday use and there are a wide range of shades ranging from from Vanilla (for the very pale) to Chia (for people with deep and darker skin tones).

VANI-T Mineral Powder Foundation (RRP $65.95)

VANI-T Mineral Powder Foundation
VANI-T Mineral Powder Foundation

This loose powder, mineral foundation acts like a second skin, providing a natural and flawless coverage. The powdered nature of the product means that it provides a matte finish, however it also means that it lasts all day and won’t crease into fine lines. This is great, because the loose product makes it a little bit messy to apply, so the fact that it can be applied in the morning and then forgotten about is a big plus. When applied with a kabuki brush, the product blends seamlessly into the skin, evening out the skin tone and blurring out any imperfections.

The Synergie Skin, Mineral Whip Foundation (RRP $69.00)

Synergie Skin MineralWhip Foundation
Synergie Skin MineralWhip Foundation

This pressed, creamy foundation is any sensitive skin girl’s saviour. The unique consistency of this foundation starts as a cream but dries somewhat like a powder, so you don’t have to set it. What’s more it has an SPF coverage of 40+ , making it a great everyday foundation – especially coming into summer.

Lust Mineral’s Mineral Loose Powder Foundation (RRP $64.99)

Mineral Loose Powder by Lust Minerals
Mineral Loose Powder by Lust Minerals

This loose powder foundation provides a buildable coverage, making it ideal to where on its own or on top of a lightweight liquid foundation.

For a powder foundation, this option is definitely more on the fuller-coverage side of the spectrum and blurs out pores and fine lines. While the product offers and ever so subtle glow, it is probably best matched to someone with combination or oily skin, rather than dry skin, as it may cling to dry patches on the skin.

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