Beauty Q&A: The Eyeshadow That Will Change Your Relationship with Eyeshadow

the best cream eyeshadow

This cream eyeshadow doubles as a highlighter and even a lipstick as well.

Cream eyeshadow is the one product your makeup bag is possibly missing. And it doubles as a highlighter and a lipstick, so it absolutely needs to be part of your makeup kit.

Trinny London is the ultimate in easy and modern makeup essentials, which allows you to do makeup anywhere.

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Available in cute easy travel styled packaging, which is also stackable for easy storage at home, if you haven’t tried their eyeshadows which also double as a highlighter, and even a lipstick too, then you are seriously missing out.

This is My Fave Beauty Product of the Week:

Trinny London Eye2Eye Cream Eyeshadow in shade Truth RRP $34

A little goes a long way, especially if you’re adding a hint of colour to the cheeks for a flushed spring/summer look.

This is the perfect shade which can be used in the creases of the eyelid to add some depth, and to the lips for a natural and exotic goddess look.

The shade is a warm caramel-chestnut brown with a matte/satin finish. Perfect for shaping and bringing depth to a no-makeup makeup look. A phenomenal neutral for dark olive tones and beyond. Although I am not dark skin toned, I do find this colour adds just the right amount of colour to my complexion, for the perfect sun kissed look.

The texture is smooth and easy to apply using either your finger (as long as it’s clean) or with the right makeup brush. There is no sparkle to this product, so if you’re looking for a shad with no metallic sheen, then this is the one for you.

Trinny London have also recently launched their new T-Top Stackable Mirror RRP $18 designed to sit on top of your stackable eye shades.

There’s a normal mirror and a close up mirror which is a 3 x zoom.


At Bondi Beauty, we are constantly receiving beauty questions from our readers who are looking for advice on what sorts of beauty treatments and products really work.

Every two weeks, we will be answering some of the most interesting questions asked by you, to help you make the right beauty decisions and purchases.

Please write to us at with your questions and we will pick two or three every fortnight to respond to.

Dear Bondi Beauty,
What is the best eye makeup remover for sensitive skin types? I’m yet to find something that takes off my mascara and eyeliner completely without causing any burning or irritation afterwards?
Thank you, Isabelle, Clovelly Beach

Hi Isabelle,

No matter what your skin type is, the area around the eye is very delicate and should always be treated with care. Of course, if your skin type is more sensitive than most, then yes, you’ll want to stick to using products which contain gentle ingredients which don’t add any further discomfort to the already delicate area.

Face Halo have just launched a fabulous new product called X and all you need is a little warm water and makeup around the eye area will easily wash away without causing any irritation. It’s the perfect cross between a q-tip and cotton round pad, which is made from Face Halo’s signature HaloTech fibres, which are both gentle on the skin and easy to use.

The Face Halo X (4 pack) RRP $38 is a precision makeup remover designed especially for the delicate eye area. You simply slip the glove over your first and second finger, soak in warm water and then gentle dab. and wipe away makeup from the eye area. But be gentle when wiping to not press to hard or rub.

If you’re looking for something a little more in liquid form to remove makeup from the eye area, the SEEH Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm RRP $63.95 is ideal for softly removing any makeup product from the eye area gently.

The luxurious cleansing balm melts away makeup, dissolves impurities and gently cleanses the skin whilst replenishing moisture levels. It also doubles as an intense moisturising treatment.

Dear Bondi Beauty,
Is there a mascara I can use on lash extensions? I’ve recently had lash extensions for the first time, and I’m unsure what the best mascara is to use. Obviously I need a product which doesn’t ruin my new lash extensions
especially when I remove the mascara.
Thank you, Andrea

Hi Andrea,

The number one rule with lash extensions is to stay away from any type of oil-based mascaras. In-fact any type of oil-based makeup which may come into contact with the lashes is a huge no no, as the oil can potentially break down the adhesive used to bond the extensions to your real lashes faster than normal. So they won’t last as long as they should.

Look for water-based mascaras and other makeup and skincare products, to ensure no oil comes into contact with the lashes. If you do decide to use a face oil, use only on the t-zone of your face, to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with the lashes.

As for water-based mascaras, try the Tarte Gifted™ Amazonian Clay Smart Black Mascara RRP $35, or the Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Bang! Mascara RRP $44. The mascaras are both water-based and filled with yummy nutritional ingredients which both nourish and protect both your real lashes and your lash extensions for longer wear.

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