Beauty Q&A: Which Are The Best Non-Drying Clay Masks

the best non-drying clay masks you can use every day

These non-drying clay masks may be the answer to achieving smoother, younger looking skin. And you can use them daily.

Every fortnight, we answer beauty questions from our readers. One of those questions was about clay masks and how often in a week you can use them.

Dear Bondi Beauty,
I am obsessed with clay masks and use one nearly every day. I’m concerned I might be damaging my skin by doing this. Is it safe to treat your skin with a clay mask nearly every day? How often in a week is is safe to use a clay mask? And are there any risks?
Thank you, Stephanie, Chatswood

Hi Stephanie,

Good question, and a highly debated one by different skin specialists. Though many might say two to three times a week is safe, others claim you can use a clay mask every day if required. Especially if your skin is oily and prone to extensive breakouts from dirt and grime being clogged in the pores.

Many dermatologists recommend twice a week is sufficient to maintain good skin health, without drying it out too much. However, that frequency can change depending on the type of clay mask you use, as well as the seasons. And, you run the risk of drying your skin out too much.

There are a variety of non-drying clay masks now available which are safe to use every day, (see below).

They work on the same concept of a drying clay mask, drawing out impurities and balancing excess oil. However the water component of the mask keeps the mask moist on the skin, so there is less chance you will dry out all the good minerals and vitamins produced from the oils you need on your skin.

For non-drying masks, we recommend the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask RRP $24.99, the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask RRP $109 and the Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask RRP $93.90

Dear Bondi Beauty, 
I have very oily hair and often find myself having to wash my hair daily. I am so sick of having to wash my hair daily. But when I stop it gets super oily, especially after two days without washing. A friend said to try dry shampoo but I have no idea how to use it? Does dry shampoo work, or is there something else I should try?
Thanks, Kate, Manly

Hi Kate,

It’s important to note that often when your hair gets excessively oily at the end of each day and you find yourself having to wash it daily, there may be another issue causing the excessive oil production in the scalp.

This excess oil production is called sebum. And often when there is an imbalance somewhere within the body, your skin cells produce an excess of sebum.

This can happen anywhere on the body, such as the face, your arms and yes even your scalp. When sebum glands are clogged on the scalp, the hair roots overproduce oil, and this can result in dandruff and other scalp imbalances, like hair loss.

The wrong hair care could be the result (eg too rich) and you may need to rethink the type of shampoo and conditioner you are using.

If that’s the case, an appointment with a hair salon can help, as they will be able to check the condition of the hair, scalp and hair roots to help you determine the best course of treatment and which products to use going forward for your hair.

As for dry shampoo, this is a great product. Revolutionary really, and very easy to use to absorb oil and quickly dry the roots on very oily hair. You blast dry shampoo on your roots, and a bunch of oil-absorbing powders wrap themselves around your hair strands to suck up grease.

The best way to use it, is to spray your roots with dry shampoo at night before bed and tie hair up in a bun or pony for sleep. Then in the morning, flip your head over, massage the roots to distribute the powder (if you’ve got straight hair, you can also brush it out) and you’re done. Some women can get 2-3 days out of dry shampoo between washes.

My Favourite Beauty Product of the Week:

Baebrow Instant Tint RRP $49.95

Forget sitting at the salon for prolonged hours, waiting for your eyebrow tint to set in. This fabulous at home eyebrow tint kit colours brows instantly, covering greys and any other inconstancies with your brows in under ten minutes.

Available in three different shades, from Dark Brown, Ash Black to Black, this brow tint is super easy to use. You simply wash your brows with a non oily cleanser and make sure they are completely dry.

Then use a cotton bud to apply moisturiser, like an oily cream, or some lip gloss around the brow – careful not to get any on the brow, then gently apply the tint to the brow.

The perfectly sculptured applicator wand with angle technology, makes applying the tint super easy. And depending how deep a shade you wish your brows to be, you either leave for two minutes before removing with a damp cotton pad. Or leave for ten minutes to achieve a deeper shade.

Baebrow is owned and founded by Aussie brand CanGrow. All of their beauty products are both vegan and cruelty-free and one hundred percent Aussie made and owned.

Match this Baebrow with their fabulous Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer RRP $89 (which is also suitable for lash extensions) to help you achieve the perfect polished eye look, sure to get heads turning your way.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.

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