What To Eat To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, & Longer



Whether you’re recovering from a bad haircut, or decided to chop off all your hair and have been regretting it ever since, there are some natural ways to help your hair grow long, and fast.

We tracked down 8 super foods, which will help your hair grow long and fast, naturally.


Salmon is loaded with essential omega-3, vitamin D and protein, which have been known to help boost hair growth. This is due to the natural oils in the fish, promoting a healthier scalp, which helps the hair cells grow faster.

Yellow Peppers

Did you know yellow peppers contain 341 milligrams of vitamin C? That’s nearly five and a half more times more than oranges, which contain approx. 63 milligrams. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, whilst preventing breakage.


Oysters are loaded with zinc; zinc deficiency in the body has been known to cause hair loss and poor scalp conditions. And just three ounces contain 493% of your daily value. However, stay away from oysters caught in the Gulf of Mexico, which have been known to contain high levels of cadium due to the 2010 BP oil spill.


Avocados are an age-old secret when it comes general health and well-being. For hair especially, the high concentration of essential fatty acids naturally occurring in avocados is particularly nourishing for the body to help promote the growth of hair and makes the follicle stronger too.


Almonds contain a high concentrate of biotin, which is commonly known to thicken hair and help it grow, which is why it’s often found in hair products. However, going natural is always best. Try eating a handful of almonds a day for immediate results within the month.

Expert Tip: Mix a little avocado with sour cream; which contains lactic acid to help exfoliate dead skin and clean build up on the scalp, then apply to your hair and scalp for about ten minutes before it washing off. Or, if the idea of rubbing sour cream turns your stomach, try 100% avocado oil instead. Massage through, leave for 10 minutes and then shampoo as normal.


Like almonds, eggs contain a high count of biotin. However, this is not found in the egg white like previously thought. It’s actually in the yoke. New studies show eating too many egg whites can block the absorption of biotin in the body.

Sunflower Seeds

Full of vitamin E, sunflower seeds will enhance blood flow throughout the body and scalp, promoting healthy oxygen to flow freely throughout your body and preventing any blockages, which can affect the growth of healthy and strong hair.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are filled with beta carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, which keeps your hair frizz free, smooth, shiny and helps promote hair growth. You can buy a wide variety of hair products that contain beta carotene. However, studies show eating clean food is far better than using products filled with additional synthetic products.

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