The World’s Gone Mad for Coffee Body Scrubs



Six years ago, mention the idea of rubbing ground coffee all over your body as a great exfoliator and people would think you were mad for doing it – I mean, why waste such a wonderful elixir on your skin.

But, six years on, if you aren’t including a coffee body scrub into your weekly beauty routine, people think you’re mad for NOT doing it.

And, organic beauty brands like Frank Body and Grounded are proving just how popular a simple coffee body scrub can be.

Only starting five years ago, Frank Body is now making approx. $20 million a year in revenue and selling around one coffee body scrub product every fifty seconds. Grounded are making approx. £10 million in revenue, since it launched two years ago, and are receiving up to thirty orders of coffee body scrub a minute.

So, why has the coffee body scrub become such a world-wide phenomenon?

In 2008, prior to the outbreak of coffee based beauty products; in particular the coffee body scrub, a study was conducted on the benefits of caffeine being used in skin care. Results of these studies showed, when using caffeine on the skin, the high content of antioxidant in coffee provided a natural anti-inflammatory to the skin. Reducing redness, age spots and even smoothing skin irritations.

The studies also showed caffeine helped to firm the skin, increase elasticity, and even decrease cellulite. And, with caffeine containing a naturally high amount of antioxidant, coffee inspired skin care products have proven to help the skin fight off free radicals, like pollution, UV rays and any other harsh environmental factors.

More recently, many well-respected dermatologists have taken part in studies regarding the benefits of using caffeine in facial skin care products, with results showing it did in-fact reduce the signs of ageing. Especially when used around the eye and lip area. Most impressive, is that recent evidence suggests caffeine, even its most recognized form of coffee and tea, protects against UV-induced carcinogens and helps repair sun damage

Since the coffee body scrub obsession started, many consumers have taken to social media claiming their acne is healed, their eczema is gone, and they can no longer see any cellulite dimples.

If this is the result of the caffeine in these miracle body scrubs, it’s no wonder they are selling faster than hotcakes world-wide.

But, before you go ordering kilos of coffee body scrub, if you do have any concerning skin irritations, it might be a good idea to go see a skin specialist first, and make sure it’s okay to start smothering yourself with ground coffee.

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