Beauty Hacks that are a Must This Summer

hacks that are a must this summer

As hot summer days approach Australia, here are some beauty hacks that are a must to beat the heat.

It is no secret that there are endless tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining your beauty and skin during summer.

Whether it is for sunburn, hair or skincare, here is what works for the team at Bondi Beauty. 

summer hacks
Summer hacks are your way to get through the hotter climates.

BB Founder – Renae

HAIR CONDITIONER: Hunter Lab Nourishing Conditioner $45

I always put some conditioner in the ends of my hair before a trip to the beach as it keeps them moist. My hair dries out really easily in summer if I swim a lot.

summer hacks
Putting hair conditioner in the tips of the hair keeps moisture locked in.

The heat also warms the conditioner, adding extra softness to my ends, and if I use one with

a nice fragrance that’s an added bonus.

My current fave is Hunter Lab Nourishing Conditioner which has hemp oil for added

moisture, and cardamon, geranium and aniseed give it a strong fragrance.

BB Writer – Phoebe

ALOE VERA SPRAY: Banana Boat After Sun Spray $8.49

After spending long days at the beach and exposing my face and body to the heat all day, my skin often stings and begins hurting.

To relieve this pain, and to avoid and sunburn or peeling skin, I use the Banana Boat After Sun Spray on areas that are red or in pain.

As it is made from Aloe plant, the cooling spray hydrates and restores the skin’s dryness while at the same time soothing and irritations.

An added benefit is that it smells great, isn’t overpowering and fits into any beach bag.

BB Writer – Claudia

BRINGING A SCARF ON HOT DAYS: Witchery Women’s Kos Broderie Scarf $69.95

I bring a lightweight scarf to the beach / pool with me now.

The reason I do this is to throw it over my shoulders or my head to protect myself from the sun when I feel like I’ve had too much.

Some of my friends can sit in the sun all day soaking up the sun, but I’m playing the long game and protecting myself without physically having to move to the shade or go home.

A lot of people also don’t realise that sun exposure can damage the hair, so the scarf really comes in handy to keep it from drying out.

BB Writer – Rebecca


summer hacks

To wake up with plump, nourished and well hydrated skin, I often apply aloe vera gel to my face before bed.

It works wonders for repairing any sun damage throughout the day (if I forgot to wear sunscreen) and will also drench the skin in moisture whilst you sleep.

Just make sure it dries on your face before your head hits the pillow, or it will leave a mark.

BB WRITER – Czelene


I have dry and sensitive skin, so during Summer I put moisturiser on my face more than I regularly would – probably 3 to 5 times a day.

My go-to moisturiser is Cetaphil (and has been since I was a kid), and my skin loves it. It is thick and hydrating which is perfect for those hot, sweaty days.

An even spread on my face can last for hours on a cool or warm day, but during Summer my skin tends to get drier quicker.

So, my advice is to always put a good amount of moisturiser on the face and be consistent with it, to avoid crackling or dry spots.



Saltwater is a natural shampoo as it promotes more nutrients to the hair follicles and stimulates blood flow in the scalp.

summer hacks
Salt water from the beach can be extremely healthy for the hair.

However, if the saltwater is left in too long, it can dry out your scalp leaving it lifeless and feeling like straw.

In response, I always make sure I rinse my hair with water at the beach or when I get home from swimming all day.



summer hacks to try
Different moisturisers can be used across different seasons.

In summer, I like to switch up my moisturiser since the thicker moisturisers that I use during winter make my skin too congested during humid days.

I like to use a lightweight moisturiser during summer such as the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturising Lotion ($22) compared to the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer ($46) which I use in winter.

Phoebe Tran

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