Why Purple Blush is a Trend You Need to Try – From as little as $8.00

purple blush

Purple blush is an internet sensation you need to try before the year ends, and you can pick it up for as little as $8.

Blush can dramatically enhance the face by providing dimensions to the complexion, highlighting bone structure, framing the face and warming up the skin.

Celebrities such as Rihanna have been seen to debut this trend.

For fairer skin tones, opt for light pink, light coral, or peachy shades of blush.

For medium skin tones, rich pink, mauve, and rich peachy shades work best and for dark skin, fuchsia, berry, and warmer brown shades are the most popular.

Purple blush is often avoided as there is a generalisation that it is overpowering and can be too strong. However, when the right shade of purple is applied correctly, it can arguably look more natural than pink and nude tones.

Believe it or not, purple blush can be used across all three skin tones but it is important to pick the right shade to match each skin tone. 

why use purple blush
Purple blush is suitable for all skin tones, and looks extremely natural when applied correctly.

According to Flormar’s professional makeup artist Ninah Sobers, light and medium skin tones should choose a pale purple to give a subtle yet noticeable pop of colour on the cheeks while deeper skin tones should use a mauve purple to enhance the natural skin tone.

How and where do you wear blush?

To apply blush perfectly every single time, consider the face shape and structure.

For heart-shaped faces: A heart-shaped face means the face is longer and there are more prominent cheekbones and usually a narrow chin. To apply blush in a way that enhances the face structure, use more product along the cheekbones and slowly move it up to the temples, pushing it in and upwards.

For oblong-shaped faces: An oblong face structure means the forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are usually the same width. Apply blush on the cheekbones underneath the corners of the eyes and make sure never to extend it lower than the tip of the nose.

For round-shaped faces: Round faces have features such as full cheeks and curved jawlines. When using blush, apply it in a diagonal motion along the cheekbone towards the temples. This will make the face look smaller.

For square-shaped faces: A square shaped face means that the cheekbones are the same width as the chin. To help define the cheekbones, apply the blush slightly under the cheekbones as well as along the edges of the hairline to soften the edges of the face.

purple blush
Blush application techniques (via Daniel Sandler.com)

Here are some fab purple blush shades:

Fenty Beauty – Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush ($33)


Shade: Drama Cla$$

why you should use purple blush

Being one of the most vibrant shades in the Fenty blush collection, Drama Cla$$ is a shade that will give a healthy-looking and natural flush on the cheeks.

When layered on the face, it gives a vibrant pop of colour that is unique and beautiful and is water-resistant, making it the ideal formula for use in the hotter months.

The cream formula is light, non-greasy and instantly melts into the skin without disturbing the other makeup on the face and is sheer yet buildable. 

Mecca Max – Single Shadow ($8)


Shade: Like Whatever

Purple blush

Extremely budget friendly but also high in quality, this blush doubles as an eyeshadow to give both the cheeks and eyelids that much needed pop of colour.

Brush the shade lightly on the face for a subtle look or build it up to be more intense and pigmented.

Easily gliding onto the face, the matte powdered formula can be worn by itself or even be mixed with other blush shades to create the desired look.

Rare Beauty – Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($34)


Shade: Faith

Purple blush

Created by Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty aims to create makeup that wearers feel good in, without hiding what makes them unique.

In the case of the Soft Pinch liquid blush, the wearer can experience a weightless, long-lasting formula that accentuates the natural beauty of the face.

The easily blendable and super pigmented formula comes in the form of a liquid blush that dries matte.  

Using the doe-foot applicator, a few dots of blush can be placed in the desired spots of the face and blended out with a brush or even the fingertips to give a seamless finish.   

Nudestix – Nudies Matte All Over Face Color Blush & Bronze ($49)


Shade: Moodie Blu

why use purple blush

Nudestix cosmetics are a cruelty-free collection that promote the natural beauty of the face.

Highly convenient, their Nudies Matte blushes have built in brush applicators on the opposite end of the product, making it easy to take everywhere.

Not only can it be used as a blush it can also give the same effect as a bronzer, sculpting the face with a lightweight and dewy finish.

NARS – Blush ($43)


Shade: Aroused 

why use purple blush

NARS has always been the go-to brand for many when it comes to face products such as highlight, blush, and bronzer.

Using micronized powder within their blush formula, this ensures a soft and seamlessly blendable application that gives the face a healthy-looking flush.

why use purple blush
The shade ‘Aroused’ on three different skin tones.

This award-winning blush in the shade Aroused is a matte formula that is highly buildable and extremely flattering when used on all skin tones.

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