You’ll dump him before he dumps you.

At least that’s what the stats say. Girls take six days to end it, guys take up to 6 months.


Once women have decided to end a relationship, on average, they take only six days to break up with their partners, while men wait sometimes as long as 6 months to call it quits.

According to survey results, women prefer clean breaks to long drawn out decisions. While men spend an extra 10 days to build up courage once they’ve decided to break up with their partner.

The survey was conducted by Munir Bello, founder of quirky and comical break up website It asked 500 unmarried couples in long and short term relationships what they would do if their relationship took a turn for the worse.

So when it comes to relationships,  what do guys spend their time on?

Deciding what’s right
When faced with the big decision, 53% of men enter a period of ‘soul-searching’ before coming to a final decision. Meanwhile, the majority of women (77%) would prefer to opt for a short, sharp chat as a less painful way to end things.

Making an exit strategy
A total 88% of men agree that having a planned break up speech or escape plan brings less pain to their partner.

Biding their time
A few men (16%) admit that they would remain in an unhappy relationship if happiness seemed a faint possibility. With the majority of men already spending extra time building up courage, it could take up to 6 months for some to take the step and break up with their partner.

Overall, women agree that if the relationship seems to have no future, it isn’t worth pro-longing the decision to break up. When faced with relationships, women march to the beat of the ‘life’s too short’ drum and prefer to spend their time happy and untroubled by dating dramas.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

What’s the longest time you’ve put off breaking up with someone?



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