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5 Lessons I Learnt From Being Ghosted

What does it mean to ‘be ghosted’? Writer Milly Haddrick explains. One minute he’s messaging you every day, tagging you in an abundance of memes on Facebook and taking you out on nice dates. Then all of a sudden there is nothing… Radio silence. You start to wonder if he ever actually existed or was […]


Bondi is one of the most motivating places to exercise and has some of the sexiest men in the world. So why not combine the two and find yourself a hot date while working out? We have put together the top spots to train amongst the sexy men and maybe find yourself love, just in time […]

Michael Klim’s heartbreak to new found success

Michael Klim’s new skincare range KLIM is the good stuff, without the fluff Former Olympic swimmer Michael Klim has released a new skincare range. Just four months after his split from Balinese wife Lindy, Michael Klim is looking better and more vibrant than ever. Dressed in black chinos and shirt, Klim was radiating health and […]

What DO men think about women, life and relationships?

A recent study has lifted the lid on what men think and feel about life, love and relationships. A survey conducted by Hart research of 818 men of all ages in the US has found the most important quality men want in a woman they want a relationship with is intelligence, but the results don’t […]

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