My Dad will always be my first love

Father’s Day is a time to show your Dad just how much he means to you.

The bond a father shares with his child is one of life’s greatest treasures

On a day devoted especially to Dad’s, we share the stories of some unbreakable bonds.

  • Former Olympic champion swimmer Michael Klim: father to son Rocco (8)

Describe your son Rocco in a few words

Loving, sensitive, smart, determined and handsome.

What’s your favourite memory of Rocco?

Rocco made me super proud when he overcame his slight speech impediment and severe nerves, to stand in front of his entire school and narrate the school performance.

What makes your son inspirational to you?

Rocco is inspirational to me because even though he might have some insecurities and is battling a little with the family dynamics of having two sisters, he manages to wake up most days with a huge smile on his face and attack each day with a positive attitude and gusto.

What makes your relationship with Rocco special or unique?

Rocco is my only son and no matter what is going on in his life we will always have that special connection, which I love.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from him?

As a parent I’ve realised how impressionable kids can be and the significant role we play in their upbringing.  It stands as a daily reminder for me to try and be the best dad I can possibly be.

Michael with his beautiful son Rocco
  • Fitness expert Commando Stevefather to sons Jack (5) & Axel (9 months)

Describe your sons in a few words

Charistmatic, full of life, loving.

What’s your first memory of the boys?

Seeing their gorgeous faces when they first came into this world and being able to hold them in my arms for the first time. No father can forget their child’s first breath of air- it’s magical.

What makes you want to be a role model for your boys?

My boys watch my every move- what I eat, how I move each day and how I communicate with those that surround me. I want to be the best role model and mentor I can possibly be for them through both spoken words and action. It’s so important to that they grow up watching healthy and positive behaviours from a young age to carry on throughout their lives.

What makes your relationship with your sons special or unique?

My boys are a part of me and the unconditional love and bond we share is a relationship that will always be a top priority in my world.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve from fatherhood?

I learn something new from my boys every single day. I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is the importance to practice what I preach through all aspects of our life as a family. Kids are like sponges and the attitudes and behaviours they develop are a direct reflection of the environment they grow up in.


Commando with sons Axel & Jack
  • Stephanie King, 24 (Bondi Beauty writer) and father Lindsay

Describe your Dad in a few words:

Generous, hard-working, inspirational, thoughtful, dedicated.

What’s the first memory you have of your Dad?

Probably back when I was a chubby 2-year-old toddler. Born in the country town of Orange, NSW, I remember spending hours playing in the backyard with Dad. I used to hold onto his back like a koala while he crawled laps on all fours around the grass. He never seemed to get tired of it (his poor knees)!

What makes him a role model to you?

Dad is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. Being a business owner, I remember him spending hours on end in his office each night- he’d stay in there working until late, long after I’d said goodnight and gone to bed. I’d almost have to drag him out to the kitchen to have dinner each night. He has taught me the true meaning of working hard for what you want and making the necessary sacrifices to ensure those dreams become a reality.

What makes your relationship with your Dad special or unique?

I was one of two daughters, but I was always the son my Dad never had. As a kid, I was a huge tomboy, and the endless hours I spent playing soccer and tennis with him on the road each weekend created such a special bond that has only grown stronger as the years go on.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from him?

How deeply important family is. Every hour he has spent dedicating himself to work has been to provide me with the best opportunities in life and for that I’ll be forever grateful. If I can be half the person he is for the rest of my life, I’ll consider myself successful.

Stephanie with father Lindsay

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Stephanie King

Stephanie is a qualified Exercise and Sport Scientist who lives and breathes all things health and fitness. An Eastern Suburbs local, Stephanie spends her weekends being active outdoors, sipping on an espresso and hunting down the best smashed avo toast in Bondi. She has travelled to 5 out of 7 continents, jumped off one skyscraper and out of one plane to date.

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