5 habits of happy couples

There are simple ways to be happy every day as a couple:

Some simple habits can make your relationship stronger.

We all know those couples who, even after years together, still seem to display an outpouring of genuine love for each other. Daily habits are extremely helpful in developing successful and solid relationships.

What is it that happy couples do to get it right?

Here are 5 daily habits of a blissfully happy couple (which are so simple you can do them too):

  1. Arguments = productive discussions

A happy couple will structure their arguments in a solution-orientated way. By listening to each other and actively trying to solve the problem, you will not prematurely end the confrontation. Set your default to forgive and forget rather than holding a grudge.

2) First date mode

Over time, it can be easy to slip into a routine and not chat about anything other than the daily grind. Spend ten minutes each day acting as if you’ve just met each other. Many people stop asking those get-to-know you, exploratory questions. For example, “If you could start over with any career, what would it be?”

3) They take “for better and for worse” seriously

Helping each other get through both the good and the bad creates a strong bond. A happy couple will view their relationship as a supportive commitment to one another – getting through things together, rather than separately.

4) Let the small things go…

Just because he hasn’t done the washing up again, it doesn’t mean he’s an awful person (even if it is infuriating). Dwelling on small things can create big problems. Happy couples are always looking for ways to be a better partner and develop the relationship. Focus is more on what their partner does right than what they do wrong.

5) They create common interests

If similar interests are not present, a happy couple will try something that is new for the both of them. Make sure you still have interests of your own – this will make you more interesting and not appear too dependent No matter how busy they both are, a happy couple will see their relationship as a priority and make time for it.

For more information, visit www.relationships.org.au

Holly Buckingham

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