How to Host Mother’s Day on Zoom

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Make mum feel special by hosting a fabulous Mother’s Day celebration on Zoom

Despite the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions across the country, the likelihood of restaurants and cafes being open in full swing for Mother’s Day is slim to none. And although you can host a house of ten people, the risk of spreading any cold or flu germs to loved ones is still on the minds of many.

This is where zoom comes in. Whether you’re celebrating you mum, grandmother, or anyone else in the family, zoom is a great way to connect with the family online to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Since COVID-19, Zoom has received a lot of celebrity attention, being used across the globe by millions of people for meetings, birthday’s , gathering, cyber drinks with the besties and face to face catch up with loved ones who are in quarantine.

Here’s how Zoom can help you celebrate Mother’s Day with the family:

  • Zoom has a screen share option. This means you can share photos to everyone whilst you’r hosting your Mother;’s Day Zoom Party.
  • Pre-send cards and gifts to mum and tell her to wait until the Zoom party before opening. This way you can experience her joy as she opened each card and gift online with you all.
  • Organise everyone to order food to arrive at the same time, such as on Ubereats, so everyone can have a meal together. 
  • The background of each person’s screen can be changed virtually, so others can see an image behind them instead of their actual background. It could be changed to something that says, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, a photo with mum or an exotic location.
  • Play a game together, such as trivia. Each person can organize a few questions about mum for a “Mother’s Day Trivia” game, and the others can all guess the answer. 
  • It can be nice to dress up to feel a bit more like it is really happening. Or a funny theme could even be organised among participants to surprise mum. 
  • Take a Zoom family photo. Say three, two, one, Zoom and smile as one person takes a screenshot or screen recording.

If you’ve never hosted a Zoom party before. It’s super easy to connect and invite friends and family for Mother’s Day. Here’s how:

  1. Send out a text to all the peeps you intends to invite to the Mother’s Day Zoom party. You can invite anywhere from one to five hundred
  2. Once they have come back to you saying they’re in, check with the gang on a suitable time for the Zoom party and request everyone’s email address so you can send the invite once you have the time and date set which works for everyone.
  3. It’s time to send the invite. Make it interesting and state everyone must bring a drink to the party and some nibbles. If you have a small group, you could even make it a PJ party for Mum, where you all have to wear your best PJ’s for the zoom party. Make it fun and interesting and a Mother’s Day mum will never forget.
  4. Sending the invite through Zoom is real easy, as the app will do everything for you. Simply instal the app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and register if you don’t already have an account. Once you have registered, you can set up the scheduled party for the designation date and time and enter in the email addresses of everyone who is attending.
  5. Once set and you have hit the send, Zoom will automatically send out an email with the Zoom meeting details to everyone on the invite list. This email will provide a link which can be clicked on to join the party and will also provide details for the recipient on how they can register for Zoom is they aren’t already using the app.
  6. On the day of the party, when it’s time to host Mother’s Day, you can send out a reminder to all guests with the link – try and send it an hour before the party starts.
  7. Once you have signed into Zoom, you can then click into scheduled party and hit the start button. There will be a waiting room on the right hand side as each guest clicks in to connect to the party, simply accept and you’ll see their faces start to pop up on your screen – Happy Mother’s Day.

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