The new age app that isn’t quite cutting it

Microsoft’s new age app is a lot of fun, just don’t take it personally if you’re not happy with the age it puts you at.

How old do you really look?



It’s the new online app that everyone is talking about. is a bid by Microsoft Corporation to guess your age. Users simply upload a photo of themselves, their relatives or a celebrity and have a hidden algorithm estimate the person’s real age.

The technology sounds a bit too good to be true, and this one seems to be. You’d be forgiven for thinking this app should have launched on April 1st rather than May 1st. In the few hours since the tool was released, Microsoft have already admitted there are a few glitches.

Something doesn’t quite add up in the background of the offering – users report the equation is causing several problems including incorrect gender identification and some results being decades off the real age of the subject.

I posted a photo of myself – taken when I was 26, and the guess was 28, not so bad, although I’m reaching for all of Renae’s anti-ageing recommendations – click here for more or here.

A quick google search reveals images of 27 year old Lara Bingle have come in between 34 and 35. Skincare ambassador Cate Blanchett should keep up the good work, at virtually 36, she’s got another 9 years up her sleeve.

The technology behind works by outlining key points around the face known to change over time and assesses their movement.

In many celebrity pictures wrinkles seem to be mysteriously omitted from photos, giving a youthful glow, so it’s no surprise celebrity images are being rated much younger than their true age. Madonna scores well at 31, the material girl shedding 25 years. If only it were 1990 again, she’d be performing Vogue at the MTV awards rather than making headlines for a different kind of onstage passion.

If you’re worried about ageing gracefully, perhaps take a leaf out of Miranda Kerr’s lifestyle. She also came in at 28 despite being 32.

Reducing your refined sugar intake, drinking plenty of water, amply applying sunscreen all year round, exfoliating and using a face oil, (click here for more info) will all help to give off a vibrant, youthful glow.

Ageing is a gift, a sign of wisdom, experience and learning how to appreciate the journey. But if gives you any more unnecessary grey hairs, it’s good to remember that all systems need rebooting from time to time.

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