From ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ broker to Bondi meditation guru



Bondi Meditation guru Tom Cronin hit rock bottom before he found his peace and inner being.

Tom inspires others to practice meditation to find inner peace stillness

Bondi’s Tom Cronin inspires others to practice meditation to find inner peace and stillness.

As Eastern Suburbs local Tom Cronin paddles out for his daily sunrise surf at Bondi, his life and values have changed dramatically.

Tom got into stock broking as a 19-year-old when he walked in off the street after high school and was instantly thrust into the crazy and fast paced world of corporate finance trading. Tom hit a big salary quickly and admits a big part of his job was to “take clients out each night to entertain and inspire them to do business (with the company’s credit card in hand).” He says his life reflected that from the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

Over the next 10 years, Tom’s world consisted of crazy party and drug antics, minimal sleep and stressful high pressure days on the stock trading floor. That was his ‘normal’. But when his everyday anxiety and insomnia started to develop into full-blown panic attacks and depression, Tom knew something needed to change.

“It was at that stage I gave meditation a try, to help refocus my mind. And I’ve never looked back.”

Since his first exposure to the powers of meditation, Tom has travelled the world, exploring the different approaches to meditation and learning from the best teachers around the globe to bring home and share with others. Today, Tom is a meditation teacher, life mentor, speaker, writer and producer.

He practices and preaches Vedic meditation, a transcendental meditation style that uses the repetition of a mantra (sound) inside your head for 20 minutes that allows your mind to transcend into a deep conscious state of peace and stillness.

“This style of meditation is incredibly simple to implement into your own everyday life.”

Tom has now been practicing meditation devotedly for over 20 years and it has allowed him to find the ultimate fulfilment of life: love, joy and bliss: “I meditate religiously for 20 minutes, twice a day – first thing in the morning before my surf and at the end of the day in the car before I walk into my home.”

Tom Cronin

Transcendental Meditation uses mantras to delve into a deep state of consciousness.

The scientifically proven benefits of meditation are endless and include: the promotion of deep levels of rest (equivalent of 4 hours in just 20 minutes of meditation), reduction of anxiety, improved sleep, reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol, increased energy levels and alleviation of depression symptoms (just to name a few).

It is through the deep powers of meditation that Tom discovered a calm and true ecstasy that he used to chase from drug-induced highs: “My experiences through meditation have been overwhelmingly profound and it is now my mission to share my knowledge and passion with others.”

Tom’s latest venture ‘The Stillness Project’ hopes to inspire 1 billion people worldwide to sit in stillness daily through meditation and connect with their innermost being to find calmness, peace and an unstoppable deep inner power.

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