Meditation Could Cure Your Hangover

Meditation Could Cure Your Hangover

Searching for the perfect hangover cure? Believe it or not, meditation may be your solution.

Bondi’s Janoah van Kekem is a meditation and mindset coach whose mission is to shake up the stigma attached to meditation (yes, you can drink and meditate… maybe not at the same time though).

If you’ve had too many Friday night drinks, meditating and practicing mindfulness is probably the last thing you feel like doing.

However, Bondi based meditation and mindset coach Janoah van Kekem can help you reset and recharge.

Break out of your alcohol-induced cocoon. Stop looping back to hangover habits like ordering pizza and watching endless Netflix.

Cheers. 7 women closeups hands cheers elegant cocktails. Summer. rings, bracelets. party.
“I don’t need another drink” – said not me last night.

The next day when you’re feeling like shit, Janoah advises his clients to meditate, saying, “meditation is like a deep rest and a recovery state for the body.”

A common barrier to people not wanting to meditate stems from resistance to the unknown.

Like many, Janoah used to be a skeptic, wary of the stereotype of people who meditate, but bouts of anxiety and stress lead him to his practice.

The message is clear and simple; “you don’t need to change your entire lifestyle to start meditating.”

topo chico and pink gin or wine. Summer cocktails by the pool.
Summer cocktails by the pool.

Like so many, Janoah enjoys a Friday night drink, using daily meditation as a performance technique. “It helps with hangovers and it can be used as a recovery tool, so that I get back on my feet quicker.”

Resorting to coffee and alcohol is a common functional tool. “I used alcohol to numb feelings of anxiety and to deal with stress.” Meditation helped Janoah gain a level of confidence. “I still drink coffee and I still drink alcohol but I am not dependent on these substances.”

Janoah van Kekem is a meditation and mindset coach from Bondi Beach who uses meditation for hangovers.
Janoah van Kekem is a meditation and mindset coach from Bondi Beach.

Making time to meditate is also important.

“It’s not that people don’t have time for it, it’s that it’s not a priority.” One hour of meditation is just 4% of your day. However, experts say that to receive the benefits of meditation you only need to practice for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.

“Imagine if your decision-making process was sharper, if you were more productive, less worried, less stressed, less anxious, you are going to actually get that time back”.

 Try sitting for 10 or 20 minutes however you feel comfortable. This may be cross-legged on the floor or lying on your bed. Sit in silence with your eyes closed or half-closed, set a timer, and focus on either a word, a string of words (a mantra) or on your breath.

Each time your mind wanders gently refocus your attention on your chosen point of focus. Try to do so without judgment. Rather than pursuing random thoughts, simply let them go. Through this process, your ability to concentrate improves and you gain a plethora of other benefits too.

Feel better in your hungover state by using meditation to pull yourself together and make the most of your post-party day. So forget ‘hair of the dog’ or greasy cheese-burgers, try meditation after your next boozy night on the town.

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