Is lower oxygen the quickest way to get your bikini body back this Summer?

Renae having her first workout at Air Locker, Bondi Junction.

Air Locker has landed in Bondi Junction, offering high altitude training with weights, boxing, regular cardio – and less oxygen.

Air Locker Bondi is a workout for the mind, body and soul, as every aspect of your health and wellness is challenged with this type of training.

It’s a group workout that puts your body into a hypoxic state so that your muscles and lungs have to work twice as hard, and you lose weight and tone up much faster.

It’s even the training recommended for diabetics.

Brunette woman at Air Locker Bondi Junction offers a quick, no-nonsense effective workout.
Air Locker Bondi Junction offers a quick, no-nonsense effective workout.

I went along to try it, and was pleasantly surprised.

I couldn’t help but have Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” playing in my mind. This workout is like climbing a mountain.

The altitude I was at in terms of oxygen was 3000m above sea level. Much higher than any mountain in Australia, so the workout is seriously hard.

Even if you are not moving, you notice the lower levels as your lungs have to work harder. It physically feels like there is a lot less oxygen in the workout room.  

So once you start doing a workout – any sort of workout – your heart rate goes up immediately and your body and mind have to focus. 

Your body goes into a hypoxic state and has to work much harder to deliver the same levels of oxygen to the cells.

Renae lifting weights at Bruntte woman at Air Locker Bondi Junction.
Renae lifting weights at Air Locker Bondi Junction.

Apparently it takes about two months working out out 2-3 times a week for the body to adapt.

This is a concept that started in Newcastle, and Bondi is the second studio.

Air Locker  potentially works you 30% harder than regular training at sea level, simply by reducing the oxygen levels. It improves metabolism, reduces cholesterol as well as accelerating fat loss and even injury repair.

And there are bonuses beyond looking hotter, faster.

Studies show it boosts concentration and productivity, as well as serotonin levels, and endurance as well as recovery time. 

It can also help with depression and reduce anxiety and help insomnia and improve sleep quality.

There’s suggestions it even helps make you look younger as this type of training is said to increase collagen production and therefore skin elasticity.

I really enjoyed it, and found I bonded quickly with the other people there, as you really need to support each other through such a tough session.

I am going to give it a go for a couple of months and check back in with my results.

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Renae having her first workout at Air Locker, Bondi Junction.
Renae boxing at Air Locker, Bondi Junction.
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