The Foundation Tips From A Mecca Artist For A Flawless Look Without Too Much Effort

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I was in Melbourne last week, and Serena at Mecca gave me some amazing but simple tips for a flawless foundation look without too much effort.

From working out which foundation is for you to tips for application, wearing foundation doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Plus I have listed the five – yes, five foundations I use regularly and how and where and why.

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Mecca was the ideal place for a lesson on modern makeup techniques and tricks.

Here are some easy tips and hack to dumb it down:

  1. Don’t follow trends or the latest brands, but go with what works for your skin type. Before you decide which foundation to wear, consider your skin type – if your skin is dry or oily, your foundation needs to be based on this. (Sounds obvious but even I needed to be reminded).
  2. Ask for free samples of foundation and try them at home before you buy. And don’t be ashamed to ask for a few. Most foundations cost a minimum of $60 which is a lot of money to waste if you get it wrong.
  3. It is ok to work with a few foundations regularly eg one for day one for night, and one for travelling and so on. In fact it is always good to change your products when the weather changes, and as you age.
  4. Always apply foundation with a brush but it doesn’t have to be a foundation brush. This one took some convincing for me, but Serena says you can use any type off brush that works for you as long as it is not too small. She said to clean it once every week or two and that is enough.
  5. Use the same brush for your whole face and for all products. Now this one really took me by surprise but Serena says as long as you go from light to dark, (so you start with the lightest colours and work to darker products like bronzer), the brush will work for you. In fact the multiple products in different tones mixed on the brush actually tone the whole face down and make the transition between different colours much more seamless.
  6. Follow this order of products on your face: Start with foundation, then concealer under the eye and on the chin, then do some contouring, and add some blush. This also surprised me as I often put concealer on first, but Serena says the concealer on top of foundation plays better with the light.
  7. Do use you tube videos for application tips but don’t get carried away. A lot of you tubers overdo their makeup and for every day you don’t need too many steps. Save contouring for night time and photo shoots.
  8. Do use powder but again, use a brush and this one can be a smaller brush. Powder under the eyes and on the forehead can smooth foundation and create a glow if the powder has a slight sheen.
  9. Use setting spray. This just settles everything and keeps it in place – definitely worth it.
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. Before you decide which foundation to wear, consider your skin type – if your skin

The Fab Foundations I am using ATM:

  1. It Cosmetics Your Skin Or Better CC+ Cream Oil-Control Matte SPF 40 $63. This foundation is excellent for my oily skin, as it keeps it matte, and gives good coverage. Plus it travels well. Easy for every day wear, and slips into my hand bag. Love it. I do apply this with my finger and it works.
  2. Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation $70.00. This is my go-to for heavier coverage when I have time to apply it, so at night or when I am having a photo shoot. It definitely looks considerably better when applied with a brush. I also love the Nars concealer, as it is liquid and glides on so doesn’t dry the under eye area.
  3. Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay In PLace Makeup $60: This is my foundation when I am at home as travelling, the bottle breaks if I drop it which is annoying. It gives great coverage, and definitely looks best when applied with a brush, but I can use my fingers.
  4. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation $100: This is my splurge foundation. It gives a medium coverage, and looks a bit dewy, but not oily. Great if I put it on right before going out for a special night out.
  5. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Mattifying Liquid Foundation: $21. If I am on the run or forget my foundation when travelling, this is my go-to, and often I pick it up on sale for $12. It glides on, stays matte and gets me through any emergency situation.

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