Designer Vitamins? Yes Please.

designer vitamins

You’ve heard of personalised haircare. Well now there’s personalised vitamins.

We are living in an era of personalised designer styling. From Louis Vuitton bags to Cadbury Chocolate and Gucci shoes, everything can be styled and crafted just the way you like it, and even have your name on it.

Now it is vitamins that have been fully personalised, packaged and even branded – with your own name, and delivered to your door.

Lets be honest, vitamins have always lacked in the style department – until now.

hand holding vitamins and vitamin packages
Renae road tested vitables new personalied, home delivered vitamins range.

And in a practical sense, who hasn’t got a plastic or glass jar (or five) of vitamins rolling around in the bottom draw at home? Purchased with great intentions way back when, but forgotten about over time, and left to expire.

A waste of money, time and energy.

Australian company Vitable have created an uber cool new concept in vitamins, personalising your daily vitamin supply to cater exactly for your body’s needs and then delivering them to your door.

I have been subscribing for a month and it is the first time I have actually stuck to a vitamin regime. Yay!

Why? I enjoy taking them and having them on my kitchen counter means I actually remember to take them. I never realised how irritating unscrewing each vitamin bottle was until I no longer had to do it.

The packaging is so slick, I keep it out on the kitchen bench. No crappy plastic containers with fluro labels here. The boxes are in muted tones that look high end and modern.

Vitable have revolutionised taking vitamins, by ensuring you don’t end up taking vitamins you don’t actually need.

It’s also easy to open the packets as they are little, white plastic bags with a knick for opening them.

The way the concept works is you fill out a detailed quiz online about your health, including questions about your energy levels, sleep, hair and nails, any medication you are on and so on.

A health analysis is then quickly sent through with recommended vitamins and talking through the  health issues you have mentioned in the quiz an dhow best to deal with them.

Once you sign up, the vitamins are then delivered to your door, and it is the packaging that makes it so unique.

 runette woman in navy shirt looking at camera.
Renae road testing the new vitables range of vitamins.

The vitamins are put in little white plastic sachets each with your name on it, in stylish black print.

I don’t know what it is about these little packets that are super easy to open, but I enjoy taking them. They almost feel like lollies, but they are actually good for you, and it takes 30 seconds at the most.

This is the perfect gift for someone who should take vitamins regularly but never gets around to it.

woman's hand holding small packets of labelled vitamins.
Renae from @renaesworldofficial road testing vitables personalised vitamins range.

And frankly its a great gift for yourself. I have been in de-clutter mode for about 12 months, and this is yet another great idea to continue that theme, but that is actually good for me.

To order yours, click here.

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