The Liver Cleanser Dr Sandra Cabot is Back!

The woman who taught us to cleanse our liver is back.

OK, so if you are under the age of 35 (much of Bondi beauty’s audience) you may never have heard of Sandra Cabot, but she was a legend and household name in the 1990’s in health.

A woman way ahead of her time, she believes in using nutrition for better health. She created a book called “The Liver Cleansing Diet” that became a global sensation.

“I am a research doctor, and for many years I did and still do specialise in the liver,” she explains.

Renae Leith-Manos and Dr Sandra Cabot in Sydney.

“I started seeing fatty liver & became very interested in it and the problem I saw people having with it  & wrote the liver cleansing diet.

A Professor of immunology read the book and it made him angry because the book said the liver is part of the immune system, which it is so it is critical to look after it. He didn’t like that, and he wrote bad things about it & the book became controversial because of him.”

Sandra believes nutrition can have a major impact on our health.

“People need to know about nutritional medicine,” she says. “People can heal themselves with the right direction & support.

I’ve always used nutrition & changing diet to health people get healthy. It is really rewarding to treat the causes. People are still ignorant of the effects of alternative medicine.

For example, if someone eats a lot of sugar, that can cause fermentation in the gut & moodiness & fog. On the other hand if you drink green every day you greatly reduce your risk of dementia.

Today I am also seeing a lot of gut issues, so many people have a toxic gut. One of the issues is that it is important the ph is not too low. Unhealthy cells grow in an acidic environment, and leaky gut is caused by overgrowth of bacteria which is caused by high sugar diets.”

Sandra has just launched a new 15 day cleanse program, to help people get on track with their health.

“The cleanse program cleanses liver, gut & alkalises the body. It is 15 days of recipes & it’s not painful at all, and it is affordable.  You actually save money by not having to shop & waste food.

The first 15 days is really  important to improve liver function, as the liver responds very quickly.”

There are 3 powders;

  1. Ultimate liver cleanse – 28 super foods all in one & has greens. Pea protein.
  2. Ultimate body cleanse – the alkaliser, helps reflux, gout, acid stomach, and inflammation
  3. Ultimate gut cleanse; multi ingredient, with amino acids for healing the gut, drives out bad bacteria & bad yeast.

There are gluten free, dairy free recipes as well, or you can have meals for the cleanse delivered.

 The Dr Sandra Cabot 15 day Cleanse is just $99 for the three powders and $318 for meals and deliveries, you can order it online:

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