Hottest Festival Makeup Looks for Coachella

These hot festival makeup looks are for all the #blessed beauties living out their Coachella dreams in the California desert this week.

We spoke to award-winning pro makeup artist, Isabelle De Vries, who revealed the hottest festival looks that are trending now.

Last year, Isabelle slayed in Beauty Expo Australia’s Face2Face Makeup Awards in both the editorial and fashion runway categories.

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You go girl! Photo: Pinterest

She tells Bondi Beauty that the tribal look is in and yes, so are glitter boobs.

“I guess people are feeling more confident these days!” she says.

“A lot of girls are going for the ‘wild’ look and wearing fishnets, big boots and little bikini tops with glitter.

“But they’re still wanting dramatic lashes and perfect makeup with a beautiful, warm cut crease – they’re loving intense colour.”

Feeling brave? Why not give these Coachella festival looks a go:

Tribal lines makeup

She’s rocking the tribal lines makeup look. Photo: Isabelle De Vries Artistry (Facebook)

To get this tribal look, Isabelle recommends using colourful, long-lasting glitter or liquid liners like NYX’s Vivid Brights liners. Since these liners have a fine tip, they are perfect for creating those crisp line and dot details on the face.

Once you’re done, simply use a setting spray like a special effects barrier spray, and voila, your makeup won’t budge – not even under the desert heat.

Glitter boobs


Isabelle recommends the cosmetic glitter sets from The Gypsy Shrine. These come in all kinds of fun shapes and colours like the Ice Queen and Unicorn Eclipse sets, and just so happen to be eco-friendly too, so you don’t have to feel guilty about personally victimising the ocean. You can grab some of their gorgeous body jewels too, perfect for emulating the so-called “Gypsy Shrine Signature Disco Tits”.

You’ll also need glitter glue/primer – Isabelle recommends NYX’s Glitter Primer, but you could get away with using eyelash glue or even hair gel and a paintbrush.

Pro-tip: You might want to put on those nipple covers before you get down and shiny.

Isabelle’s application hack for those of us who CBF with the extensive removal process: use latex to apply the glitter so you can peel it right off once the festival is over. First, brush a fine layer of latex on your chest. Once its dry, apply another fine layer and while its wet, go to home with the glitter until you are #festivalready.


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