The Health Benefits of Kinesiology-Based Fitness Training

We chat with Da Rulk, a certified strength and conditioning expert

We chat with Da Rulk, a certified strength and conditioning expert who also has a degree in kinesiology with a focus on biomechanics.

Written by BB Guest Contributor Da Rulkfounder of Raw Functional Training. 

From HIIT, cardio, weight to aerobic training, we have heard it all.  Most people tend to focus on one type of exercise or activity and think they are doing enough. So, what would you say if there was a simpler, more effective way to achieve your goals without over-stressing your body?  

Here’s where a training session by RULK can help out. 

RULK is the trainer of choice for some of the world’s most respected first responders, A list celebrities, and elite sporting identities, and is the creator and founder of Raw Functional Training (RFT®).  

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology simply means the study of movement, how muscles act and coordinate in the body. It considers all factors of health – physical, environmental, and psychological. Combining the knowledge of Chinese acupuncture theory of chi and modern chiropractic, nutrition, and psychology, Kinesiology aims to restore balance to all areas of health.

For me, understanding how the body moves, how muscle function works and understanding psychological dynamic principles, Kinesiology is a game-changer in health and fitness. After completing my degree, I adopted Kinesiology in all areas of my work. Kinesiology is one of the core reasons why I created Raw Functional Training (RFT®).

Who is Kinesiology best suited to?

Kinesiology has a wide range of health benefits and therefore makes it suitable for everyone and anyone. Whether it be health issues such as stress, injury, nervous disorders, muscle, bone, and joint pain, Kinesiology can help ease pain and restore balance. For those who are frail, lack mobility, or have a poor weak posture, Kinesiology can help strengthen core muscle groups to improve support and keep joints active and mobile. 

If you are at your prime, are athletic, and strong, Kinesiology can help improve your overall body movement so you can perform at your best. Kinesiology is perfect for everyone, and therefore I use its base principles in Raw Functional Training (RFT®).

How do you incorporate Kinesiology in Raw Functional Training (RFT®)?

Raw Functional Training focuses on body movement and uses your own body as resistance. There is no weight training in Raw Functional Training.  By doing the exercises I have created, it will significantly improve your body movement patterns, coordination, mobility, agility, and balance.  RFT® increases muscle strength without stressing the muscles. Raw Functional Training (RFT®) is a full-body workout and aims to have your body moving how it should be. 

Should Kinesiology change the way we think about exercising? 

100%. This is why I use the base principles of Kinesiology in my Raw Functional Training (RFT®) curriculum. Whether it be a program I have designed for elite front-line responders, elite military, firefighters, Hollywood A-listers, or our aging population, by incorporating Kinesiology into my Raw Functional Training (RFT®) curriculum it empowers and supports individuals where they need it the most.  

For those who are looking to increase their fitness, RFT offers a full-body workout that will have you burning calories long after the workout is complete. It will change your body shape and improve your posture. If you are looking at improving your mobility, RFT training helps you to engage multiple muscle groups, particularly the core, which is crucial for mobility and stability. Functional training isn’t purely cosmetic, it changes how your body moves.

How can we incorporate Kinesiology into your daily fitness?

We incorporate Kinesiology in our daily life already. What we need to change is how we think about it. I like to call it mindful movement. Training such as Functional Training is a great way to start. Depending on your health concerns, I recommend that you do your research and ensure you find an expert who supports these concerns.  

There are varying forms of functional training, and it is not one size fits all. Seek a trainer who is qualified and is adaptable.  When you find the fit for you, it will transform your life and the way you think about fitness.  

RULK holds RFT certification programs for those wishing to become a certified RFT trainer. 

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