2022 Leggings The Bondi Beauty Team Rate

A good pair of leggings can impact your fitness session. These are the 2022 leggings the Bondi Beauty team rate.  

Most of the BB team workout regularly, whether it is yoga, running or the gym.

Finding the right fit for before and during and after a workout isn’t always easy.

Gym gear has become the biggest fashion statement by day in Sydney over the past few years.

Activewear has been given a glamour makeover that has transformed workout clothing into a designer fashion, while having comfort and function combined with fashion.

There are new brands, new styles and a fabulous new acceptance of the importance of looking and feeling fab in your fitness gear.

For all day wear:

BB Founder Renae’s favourite pair are PE Nation’s Victory Leggings – $99

PE Nation’s Victory Leggings

Renae is a big believer in buying a new piece of active wear every 6 months to inspire her workout routine, her most recent set are the Victory Leggings. They are high waisted, made from a fabric that’s not too thick or too thin. They are cut to be super flattering which are great for Renae when she goes for coffee after a workout. Renae finds that she has no issues regarding sweat marks with these leggings.

For a super flattering fit:

The leggings that BB Writer Phoebe swears by are the Lorna Jane Lotus Ankle Biter Leggings – $99.

Lorna Jane Lotus Ankle Biter Leggings

These leggings stop at the ankles, which make them perfect for pairing with a nice pair of sneakers and can be worn both to the gym and on a casual day out. The main reason Phoebe has bought multiple pairs of these tights in different colours is because she finds them super comfortable and they also hide the usually obvious camel-toe, which is a very important feature she looks out for when buying tights.

For a stylish cropped look

Izzy swears by the Lululemon Align Super High-Rise Crop 21” – $109

Lululemon Align Super High Rise Crop 21's

Izzy loves the Lululemon Align Super High-Rise Crop 21’s because they are made with an extremely flattering cut. They are also durable, any exercise Izzy does she finds that these leggings keep their shape and maintain their fit really well. Izzy also likes how they are cropped above the ankles because she’s short, so the leggings don’t bunch up at her ankles. 

For your yoga class

BB Writer Kelly’s favourite brand is Dharma Bums Leggings

Dharma Bums Flare Yoga Leggings

Dharma Bums are Sydney based and create great quality leggings starting at $22. They specialise in activewear that’s suitable for yoga, so it’s motion proof. They’re also super stylish and affordable.

For a super soft feel

BB Writer Mia’s go pair are the Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 25″ – $119

Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 25"

Mia likes to go for leggings that give the illusion of longer legs, and leggings that don’t fall down the hips. She also likes to wear leggings that are super soft and lightweight, making the Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant a perfect fit. These leggings come in eight different colour choices and are designed to feel buttery soft and weightless.

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