The Best Self Tanners For a Natural Glow After Summer

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Looking for a self tanner that will provide a natural glow? These are 6 of the best self tanners for a natural glow after summer.

Missing that Australian bronze summer glow can be a real mood killer during the colder months, here’s how to replicate a gorgeous healthy glow without the sun, using self tanners. 

A good quality self tanner will make the skin appear super smooth and hydrated when paired with exfoliator and regular moisturising.

Having a glowing tan can really boost confidence and self esteem, creating a positive vibe for the months lacking the warm sun.  

Choosing the right self tanning colour:

For the perfect tan, its important to choose the right tone for your skin type. All self tanning products have colour as a base or undertone. These are the undertones to look for.

Violet undertones are great for people with a yellow undertone of skin.

Green based tans are suitable for people with rosy or pink undertones of skin.

Red based tans are good for all skin tones.

For the Face

Basics Gradual Face Tan Drops

The Basics Gradual Face Tan Drops by BasicsByB for $40 will bring on a natural and summery glow. The drops are designed to be gradual, so just a few drops each day will provide a brighter complexion, a more even skin tone and a healthy-looking glow. These tanning drops are great for the skin, with active DHA in its natural formula, derived from sugar cane. Enriched with Raspberry seed oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a hydrated, radiant glow, these drops will have the skin looking and feeling amazing.

For a Tanning Kit

Jasellie’s Prep & Tan Set 

Self Tanner kit

New to tanning? purchasing a kit with all the essentials is definitely an investment that needs to be made. Jasellie’s Prep & Tan Set for $63.90 comes with an express tanning mousse (with multiple shades available to choose from), a gentle tan remover, an exfoliating mitt, and a luxe application mitt. Click HERE to read more about Jasellie’s Prep & Tan Set, and for a routine guide on how to use their products.

Coco & Eves Bali Bae Self Tan Set

Coco & Eve’s Bali Bae Self Tan Set for $81.70 comes with all the essentials; bronzing foam, a vegan brush for smooth application, a velvet mitt, and a back tan applicator. The bronzing formula itself works to blur pigmentation and perfect the skin, while being lightweight with a non sticky formula that develops in just 2 hours. This tanning set is also vegan, toxin free, ethically sourced, cruelty free, and more. For a super easy and fuss-free application all over the body, this tanning set is a great option.

For a Gradual Self Tanner

Eco tan Winter skin 

For just $29.95 the Eco Tan Winter Skin is an awesome gradual tan and nourishing moisturiser for soft glowy skin with no fuss. This gradual tan is perfect for self tanning beginners as it doesn’t leave streak marks but still gives a sun kissed glow. Plus it’s made from certified organic and natural ingredients, with no artificial or synthetic ingredients. 

For a Quick Self Tanners

Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam

The Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam for $22.95 will provide the skin with a glowing tan in just one hour. This product simultaneously moisturises the skin while tanning, leaving a long lasting natural glow. The formula of the tan is super lightweight, great for a natural looking tan without all the effort. 

Express self tanners

Le Tan Express Tan Self Tanning Foam

Le Tan’s Express Tan Self Tanning Foam is another option for a quick tan, it’s great because it’s green based which will provide a natural bronze glow. This tan will develop in as little as 30 minutes, darkening the longer it’s left on. The best part about this tanning product is that it will continue to develop and darken even after it has been rinsed off. 

For Lighter Skin Tones

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

Coco & Eve’s Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam is great for lighter skin tones as it has a green/grey base for a natural looking tan without orange undertones. This foam has a colour guide technology for an even finish, it also blurs pigmentations and leaves the skin feeling lightweight and not sticky. For just $44.60, enjoy a fast drying tan with a mango and guava scent. 

For a Natural Self Tanner

Model co Natural Tan Self-Tan Lotion

When looking for the most natural of tans, the Model Co Natural Tan Self-Tan Lotion for an affordable $25 is the perfect product. This tan leaves the skin feeling moisturised and enriched with antioxidants as it builds a streak free tan. Containing naturally derived ingredients, this product won’t leave any residue on clothing or sheets, and will actually extend the life of a natural tan due to its moisturising and nourishing components. 

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