Rachael Finch Shares Her Top 10 Tips for a Leaner Body

Rachael Finch tells us how we can look and feel better quickly; and easier, is by creating a longer, leaner and stronger body.

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Rachael Finch, 28, a certified Health Coach, model, Aussie TV presenter, author, dancer and mother of two has ten tips for achieving that long and lean body.

Earlier this year, Finch launched an online wellness program called Body of Dance (B.O.D), which offers dance inspired workouts, healthy meal plans and peaceful meditations to get toned, lose weight and gain an overall healthy lifestyle.


The best way to have a long and lean body is to take note of your posture. Finch’s number one tip is to straighten up every time you walk through a door. “On a busy Day, we can walk through hundreds of doors, and before you know it, you won’t even consciously think of it – your body will automatically straighten up for you.”

2.     DANCE

Finch recommends dancing for a great high impact workout. “Dancing engages your core and key muscle groups. Our core muscles stabilise us and our spine and are key to having great posture and looking trim and lean.”


Try to incorporate yoga stretches into your everyday routine. Finch says that not only will yoga make your mind and body feel great but will also help you develop long, lean muscles.

4.     EAT SMART

Finch’s go to tips is to go easy on the refined carbs, keep up the protein and vegetables, and drink plenty of H20.

Make exercise fun: Finch says dance is a great way to get toned and fit.


One ways to get a toned body is to include weights in your fitness routine. Finch says “You don’t have to spend the earth on huge weights – the idea is to use small 1-2kg weights (or whatever you have available at home like cans or bottles_ during your workout.” She also adds that it’s important to have a quick break between each set to recover.

6.     FITBITS

Fitbits are great at helping you reach your fitness goals. Finch says to use fitbits to help make sure that you are keeping your body moving. “Great fitness wearables will remind you to be active after each hour of keeping still.

This doesn’t just apply to those who sit at work all day – what you want to do is a different type of activity depending on what you have been doing. If you stand all day at work, make sure you take 5-10 minutes each hour to sit down, and vice versa.”


To keep you moving and motivated, it’s important to change up your routine. Finch says that it’s too easy to loose motivation when you’re doing the same workout on the same equipment week in and week out.

“That’s why it’s so important for me to keep the B.O.D program fun as well as making you happy and healthy, we have fresh new meals and exciting new dances each month. I also like swap my running for swimming whenever I feel like a change of scenery.”


Alcohol can affect your fitness so Finch recommends limiting your alcohol intake to 2 standard drinks a week. She adds that alcohol the night before a workout can slow down your workout intensity, increase dehydration, and is full of empty calories.


Studies have shown that fast paced music can help you keep the pace up. Finch says “I love listening to music during my workouts. HIIT –High Intensity Interval Training is key to lengthening those muscles, and listening to upbeat music with my dance workout makes it really easy.”


It’s important to take days off to allow your muscles to heal and rest, as well as your mind. Finch says “It’s also important to remember there will be unplanned rest days if you’re not feeling 100% of life becomes too messy – just take a few deep breaths and be ready to hit it again tomorrow.”

For more information on Rachael Finch’s Body of Dance, head over to www.bodbyfinch.com

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