Why You’re Not Losing Weight



Chances are there are some obvious reasons why you are not losing weight.


There may be some obvious reasons why you are not losing weight.

The great news is, you can fix your bad habits fast.

1. “Diet” Food

All that “healthy” food you’re eating probably isn’t what you think it is. Anything that claims to be low fat, low carb or low cal is probably processed and contains preservatives. It is likely to contain sugar, sodium and chemicals masquerading under another name. Eat clean, whole foods when possible and limit your intake of “diet” foods.

2. Distorted Portion Size

We almost never take the time to measure out portion sizes. It can be annoying, but it will help control how much you eat and allow your body to understand when it has had enough. Eating off a smaller plate is a quick way to start.

3. Sleepless Nights

We’re all busy, but if you don’t find enough time to sleep, you’ll lose the ability to control your appetite. According to Dr Lisa Shives of Northshore Sleep Medicine, a lack of sleep can stimulate the release of a hormone that increases your appetite.

4. “Nutrition” Bars

Bad news. They are probably just fancy chocolate or candy bars in a healthy-looking wrapping. Even if you do get a wholesome, nutritious brand, they’ll be high in calories and are meant to be a meal replacement rather than a snack. Replace “nutrition” bars with trail mix or nuts, which are lower in calories and high in nutrients.

5. Misleading Labels

Diet buzzwords like “low fat” or “natural” will suck you in, but what you’re not reading is the list of ingredients. Scan the fine print for unwanted ingredients like sugar, sodium and trans-fats before you dig in.

6. Not Enough Veggies

Experts recommend eating 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies a day, which you’re probably not doing. Eat more veggies – they’re high in vitamins and minerals, low in calories and studies have shown that people who are eating meals that contain veggies are more likely to lose the weight and keep it off.

7. Eating Too Fast

You’re chocking in down to get back to work on time, but eating too fast will make you bloated, overstuffed and overfull. Practice pausing between bites and savouring your food, and don’t eat at your desk. Take the time to get out of the office, change your environment and relax.

8. Too Much Booze

Too many cocktails can sabotage all your hard work. Indulge occasionally and make sure you count the drinks as part of your overall calorie intake. Think about what you are drinking too. There can be many hidden calories in cocktails, and none in vodka for example.

9. Meal-Skipping

On purpose or accidentally, it will probably save calories in the short term but will ruin your diet in the end. Research shows that people who eat less than three meals a day end up putting on weight from snacking, whereas those who eat regular meals consume less calories overall. Set a time if you have to, and stick to it They key is organisation and forward planning.

10. Fizzy Drinks

The worst culprit. Fizzy drinks have NO redeeming features – they are nutritionally void with undesirable long-term effects. Even the calorie-free ones. Not to mention, the acidity could darken your teeth and ruin that smile.



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